David Lower Third May 27

David Nelson – 2014 TV Highlight Reel

Highlight reel of David’s recent guest appearances on CNBC, Fox, Fox Business, Al Jazeera, The Street.Com and Yahoo. David discusses markets, politics and the economy. When asked David makes the Big Call.

David_Yhoo_Risk_to_US_Tech_Stocks August 25

Wars Without Bullets – The Movie

David_Yahoo_Investors_Shake_off_concerns August 25

Riding the Rally – Investors Shake Off Geopolitical Concerns

David Solo Nasdaq August 22

BNN – Fed Speak – Full Interview

David does an in depth interview on Canada’s Business News Network. Trying to interpret Fed Speak takes year’s of experience.

David Low Third BNN August 22

Fed Speak – What Does it Mean for Stocks

David tries to decipher Janet Yellen’s comments from Jackson Hole

Hawk_vs_dove August 21

Hawks vs Doves – Fed Exit is closer than you think

By David Nelson, CFA Evidence continues to mount supporting my view the Fed is moving to an eventual exit quicker than the street believes. Yesterday’s release of July’s FOMC minutes has to be viewed as hawkish. The only debate is to what degree. I stand by my call that the first hikes will come during […]

David Rank Risks Full August 11

Trade War

David shares his views on the Geopolitical and Military Events driving market returns with CNBC hosts Amanda Drury and Brian Sullivan. David answers the question “Which is of more concern to investors, Ukraine or Iraq?

Putin Blinked August 10

Putin Blinked!

By David Nelson, CFA Geopolitics have kept investors in a defensive posture for most of the year. While the return of U.S. military operations in Iraq will dominate the front page, events in the Ukraine may be of more importance to investors. Journalists have spent much of the year trying to get inside the head […]

David Wide 2 Shot Biz Asia August 08

Did Putin Blink? – In Depth Interview with CCTV

David does an in depth interview with CCTV’s Michelle Mikori on the Geo Political Events that have driven markets over the last several weeks.

David Looks Down Willis low third August 07

BAC Settles With Justice – The Movie – Excerpts

David blasts Justice for not going after those who responsible for the financial meltdown.

Schultz_I_know_nothing August 07

BAC Settles With Justice – Still No Perp Walks

By David Nelson After the close Wednesday the Wall Street Journal reported Bank of America and Justice were close to a deal to settle accusations of misconduct related to mortgages prior to the financial crisis. (BAC) would pay between $16 and $17 Billion. The settlement would include $9 Billion in cash to Justice and the States with […]


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