David Lower Third May 27

David Nelson – 2014 TV Highlight Reel

Highlight reel of David’s recent guest appearances on CNBC, Fox, Fox Business, Al Jazeera, The Street.Com and Yahoo. David discusses markets, politics and the economy. When asked David makes the Big Call.

David Hand Make Money July 29

The Most Important Word for Fed Watchers – Making Money with Charles Payne

David joins host Charles Payne to talk about his recent article on the Fed and what has become the most important word for Fed watchers.

Federal_Reserve July 28

FOMC Statement – The One Word that Matters Most

By David Nelson, CFA This week’s FOMC meeting is expected to be a yawner. It’s the middle of summer, it’s hot and half of Wall Street is on vacation. Like it or not Yellen and team will issue a statement that most believe will contain few fireworks. Below are some comments I came across this […]

oliver_-_Google_Search July 25

Mr. Bezos – Please Sir, I’d Like Some More

By David Nelson, CFA Just some quick thoughts from last nights’ Amazon (AMZN) conference call. Amazon (AMZN) may be at a crossroads with investors. No one is questioning the success of the company or Jeff Bezos vision. Unfortunately this vision demands levels of investment that wipes out profits and continues to force investors to look […]

Big_Mac_and_Coke_-_Google_Search July 24

Big Mac & Coke – Investors Aren’t Lovin’ It

By David Nelson, CFA Few companies have dominated their categories more than McDonalds (MCD) and Coca Cola (KO). Since 1982 both are up well over 5000%. Warren Buffett who seems to love iconic brand names has owned both. Coke of course is still one of his larger positions however Mr. Buffett sold out his position […]

David Karina 2 Shot July 21

Where Are the Perp Walks? – Man on the Street – CCTV

David does a man on the street interview with CCTV’s Karina Huber on the Banking industry. Short Soundbite.

Don_t_Shoot_the_Messenger_Janet_Yellen_-_Google_Search July 21

Don’t Shoot the Messenger! – Fed Chair Yellen

By David Nelson, CFA A cloud of controversy seems to have swept up the media regarding Fed Chair Yellen’s Congressional testimony where she signaled out two sectors or asset classes that she believes are showing some signs of froth. “How dare her”; voices from the crowd yelled. The morning after echoed those of a lynch […]

David Varney David Nelson July 17

Malaysian Airliner Shot Down – On Air As It Happened

David was on air live with host Fox Business Anchor Stuart Varney just as news was hitting the markets of a Malaysian 777 being shot down over the Ukraine.

David Policing Wall Street July 17

Throw a Few Bank CEO’s in Jail – CNBC

David talks with CNBC hosts Brian Sullivan & Sara Eisen on Street Signs. “Throw a few bank ceo’s in jail and I guarantee behavior will chante” “BNP Parabas indictment reads like TREASON”

David Michael Farr CNBC July 14

Citi – I Don’t Want to Play In their Sandbox

David battles it out over Citigroup with Michael Farr. CNBC hosts Bill Griffeth and Kelly Evans hold it all together.

Stock_Clock_with_Numbers July 13

Top Down Vs Bottom Up – Which Investor Has the Edge?

By David Nelson, CFA There’s no shortage of articles from the financial community calling for a significant market downturn. The best point out excess and froth or data that has slipped under the radar. Pointing out red flags is healthy and part of the investment process. The worst make tired arguments of impending doom because […]


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