David Lower Third May 27

David Nelson – 2014 TV Highlight Reel

Highlight reel of David’s recent guest appearances on CNBC, Fox, Fox Business, Al Jazeera, The Street.Com and Yahoo. David discusses markets, politics and the economy. When asked David makes the Big Call.

Hollande_Says_‘France_Is_at_War’ November 23

France is at war! – Will Europe Follow?

By David Nelson, CFA It was just over a week ago armed terrorists launched a coordinated attack in Paris killing 130 people. This comes on the heels of a suicide attack in Beirut and the downing of a Russian airliner. Just days later, another attack takes place in Mali killing 22. On Saturday, Brussels was […]

April_Smile November 22

In memory of April Lawton

Monday, November 23 will be the 9th anniversary of the death of my very good friend and mentor April Lawton. It’s hard to believe it’s been close to a decade since she passed. She was one of the most brilliant and talented people I’ve known. The arts and science came easy to April but life […]

David CCTV France Paris November 19

France is at war! – Will Europe turn their back

David has an in depth discussion with CCTV host Phil Yin about the recent attacks in Paris. The changing face of Europe presents additional challenges. In the end it all comes down to money and lots of it.

bernie_sanders_debate_cbs_-_Google_Search November 18

Bernie Sanders says Wall Street’s business model is Greed & Fraud…

By David Nelson, CFA Saturday’s Democratic debate hosted by CBS from Des Moines, Iowa covered a range of topics and was viewed by over 15 million people. I have to take issue with one of Senator Sander’s comments he made repeatedly throughout the evening. First, let me start by saying Bernie is the real deal. He […]

David CNBC Cube November 16

Best offense is a good defense stock

David talks to CNBC host Brian Sullivan about defense stocks acting as an insurance policy for your portfolio.

David Fox Biz Lower Third November 16

The morning after Paris – 3 AM Fox Business

The news was coming in fast and furious that morning as markets around the world tried to digest the Paris attacks.

Fox_Business_GOP_Debate_-_1ogle_Search November 10

What to look for in the GOP Debate

By David Nelson, CFA Tuesday night Fox Business & the Wall Street Journal play host to the GOP and their 4th debate being held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The focus of the debate is the economy which of course can lead anywhere. In the end almost everything comes down to money, how to make it, how […]

David Fit down November 10

Apple or Fitbit – Which one is best for your health?

David joins CNBC’s Closing bell with Kelly Evans and Mike Santoli to discuss Fitbit and the challenges it faces.

debt_collector_-_Google_Search November 09

Debt Collection – You have rights!

By David Nelson, CFA An 84 year old woman contacted by a California debt collection firm is told they represent a bounty hunter and that an arrest warrant has been issued for her daughter. The lie was an attempt to get her to pay a debt she didn’t even owe.  Unfortunately, this is just one […]

David Solo Fox no lower third November 08

Debt Collection – You Have Rights! – Fox News Interview

David sits down with Fox News anchor Eric Shawn to discuss the challenges faced by 30 million Americans who are in debt collection.


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