David Lower Third May 27

David Nelson – 2014 TV Highlight Reel

Highlight reel of David’s recent guest appearances on CNBC, Fox, Fox Business, Al Jazeera, The Street.Com and Yahoo. David discusses markets, politics and the economy. When asked David makes the Big Call.

Russian Map Black Swan December 15

Oil & The Black Swan Part 2

By David Nelson, CFA From the speculative mania of tulip bulbs in 1637 to the Financial Crisis of 2008, unpredictable high profile accidents have taken down investors and sometimes even whole countries. As I said in Part 1 of this series, these events often referred to as a Black Swan are only discoverable looking in […]

David_True_Cost_of_Oil_Yahoo December 09

The True Cost of Cheap Oil

  Oil prices hit another 5 year low. What’s the True Cost of Cheap Oil? For the first time in close to 50 years Oil is trading without the support of OPEC.

Black swan rig December 08

Oil – The Black Swan – Part 1

By David Nelson, CFA No market event creates more fear in the hearts and minds of investors than that of the Black Swan. Wikipedia explains the Black Swan theory developed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb as follows:   The disproportionate role of high-profile, hard-to-predict, and rare events… The non-computability of the probability of the consequential rare events using […]

David Straight On Look Fox Biz December 04

High Flying Stocks (NFLX) and (TSLA)

David discusses high flying stocks Netflix (NFLX) and Tesla (TSLA) that are falling from lofty levels.

constanza_opposite_-_Google_Search December 04

The Costanza Trade

George Costanza says “Do the opposite.” – Maybe we should listen to him.

David BNN Low Third Oil December 04

What’s Next for Oil? – BNN

David discusses the oil’s recent fall and what it means for investors and consumers.

David Big Blues IBM December 02

Big Blues for IBM

David calls out IBM executives for using stock buybacks to hide the fact that they aren’t growing. Revenue and cash continue to decline while debt climbs.

IBM_The_Emperor_has_no_clothes_-_Google_Search December 02

Big Blue – The Emperor Has No Clothes

By David Nelson, CFA Wall Street’s love affair with stock buybacks grows deeper with each record high. Who can blame them? The S&P 500 Stock Buyback Index which measures the performance of the top 100 stocks with the highest buyback ratio has massively outperformed its index sister over the last 5 years. In a mindset […]

Fight_Bulls_vs_Bears_-_Google_Search December 01

The Twelfth Round – Alpha Select November Update

Alpha Select – November 2014 Update *Alpha Select – November +3.00%  YTD +14.51% **S&P 500 – November +2.45% YTD +13.49% * Net of Fees ** Includes Dividends By David Nelson, CFA Nothing short of a December knock out is going to save the Bears this year. With only 3 down months in 2014, the ref’s scorecard has it 8-3 […]

opec_meeting_-_Google_Search November 28

The Death of OPEC


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