David Lower Third May 27

David Nelson – 2014 TV Highlight Reel

Highlight reel of David’s recent guest appearances on CNBC, Fox, Fox Business, Al Jazeera, The Street.Com and Yahoo. David discusses markets, politics and the economy. When asked David makes the Big Call.

Hawks Doves Smaller October 30

The Pendulum Shifts

By David Nelson, CFA It’s no secret that there’s been a raging debate inside the Fed. Hawks like Fed Governors Plosser and Fisher have been quite vocal in recent months taking every chance to voice their concerns that the Fed was falling behind the curve. In previous Fed releases it’s the hawks that have taken […]

David Straight on Fox Biz October 24

Amazon or Apple?

David discusses both Amazon and Apple with Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney.

the_holy_grail_-_Google_Search October 24

The Holy Grail

By David Nelson, CFA The goal of market timing is obvious to all investors. Step out of the market when conditions become unfavorable and quickly buy back when the bottom is in. If you haven’t fallen off your chair laughing yet let me continue. Successful market timing is the Holy Grail and of course incredibly […]

New_New_Line_in_the_Sand October 22

The New New Line in the Sand – Follow-Up

By David Nelson, CFA From the start of the decline to the present talking heads including yours truly have been drawing an endless series of chart trend lines searching for one that supports an extension of the bull thesis. I started off a couple of weeks ago with the 120 moving average which lasted only […]

Fed_Czar October 20

The Fed Needs a Communications Czar!

By David Nelson, CFA In November of 2013 former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke made a speech describing his efforts over the last eight years to “make the Federal Reserve more transparent — and, in particular, to make monetary policy as transparent and open as reasonably possible.” The transparency he describes has morphed into a stream of consciousness narrative […]

David OMG NYSE Floor October 16

Stocks to Buy – CNBC

David talks about 3 stocks to buy after the market rout. He joins CNBC anchors Kelly Evans and Scott Wapner on the floor of the NYSE. Watch till the end. David gets caught flat footed by Scott :)  

David Looks at Camera CNBC October 16

Is the Small Cap Trade for Real? – CNBC

Everyone is piling into the Small Cap vs Large Cap spread trade because of the huge underperformance this year. A look at a long term chart tells a different story.  

David CCT Sellof October 15

Ebola, ISIS, Oil Prices weigh on Stocks

David talks to CCCTV’s Karina Huber about the latest market selloff. Ebola, falling interest rates and market volatility weigh on investors

David_Yahoo_Selloff October 15

3 Sectors Needed to Turn the Market

  Earlier this morning I sat down with Yahoo Finance Anchor Aaron Task to talk about the market and what it will take to put in a bottom.  

SPX_Trend_Redux October 13

Line in the Sand for the S&P 500 Redux

By David Nelson, CFA After the steep declines last week and the complete drubbing in the tech heavy NASDAQ markets are deeply oversold. However, an oversold market on its own is hardly an investment theme. The slightest spark could send us a few hundred points higher but it’s going to take more than dovish comments […]


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