David Lower Third May 27

David Nelson – 2014 TV Highlight Reel

Highlight reel of David’s recent guest appearancesĀ on CNBC, Fox, Fox Business, Al Jazeera, The Street.Com and Yahoo. David discusses markets, politics and the economy. When asked David makes the Big Call.

David Smile CBS Logo August 30

Media Highlights – “A week to remember”

David was invited to many of the major networks last week to discuss world events shaping the markets, our economy and U.S. Elections. This short clip includes highlights from those shows.

David Stocks Surge Fox August 30

Market Rally – Is it Real?

David sits with Fox Business host Liz Macdonald to discuss the Dow’s 600+ point move.

David Stuart 2 Shot August 30

Fox Business “Stuart, take a breath…”

David sits down with Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney to discuss the snap back rally in the market.

David CBS 2 shot August 30

CBS – “The most frightening market open I’ve seen in my career…”

David does CBS show Up to the Minute to discuss the wild swings in the market. “That was one of the more frightening opens I’ve seen in my career.”

David Down look Aljaz August 30

Special Report – Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders turn market crisis into political opportunity

Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump both claim to have a solution for the growing China threat. As every candidate turns the current market crisis into a political opportunity, David Nelson weighs in on a Special Report for Al Jazeera America.

David Solo low third August 24

The Perfect Storm – Fox Business Special Report

David sits with host Stuart Varney to discuss the market sell off and next steps for investors.

David and Google Bot August 20

The Google-Bot

Like it or not the robots are coming. David talks about the military applications of today’s robots.

David 2 Shot BNN August 20

China is the biggest risk we face…

David sits down at BNN to talk about rising risks from China and when the Fed might make their first move.

David 4 Shot Great Fall China August 12

Currency Wars!

David sits with Charles Payne and the crew to talk about China’s devaluation and the market reaction. David also weighs in on Corporate Governance at Alibaba.

David Rousey August 05

Ronda Rousey & Taxes – Soundbites from Fox Biz

“We’ll soon be investing in athletes.” – Also CT is now the most expensive state to live in. Soundbites from Fox Biz


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