The Hunger Games

soldiers-in-armsLate last week the US Army announced it was suspending its tuition assistance program for soldiers seeking to advance their education. US Army spokesperson Lt. Col Alexander said, “This suspension is necessary given the significant budget-execution challenges caused by the combined effects of a possible year-long continuing resolution and sequestration.”

Our government, which lately seems comprised of limousine liberals and social Darwinists lied to our service members. Let me remind you that these are the same young men and women who are risking their lives while the President plays golf and members of congress point fingers at each other like adolescent school children.

Mr. President, Congress – “DO YOUR JOB!” You should be embarrassed that the first casualties of Sequestration are those on the front lines of freedom defending our nation.

As the proud parent of a US Soldier I remember the heavy emphasis placed on the tuition program as recruiters encouraged my son to join. You know what? He would have gone anyway, because he wanted to serve his country. I am outraged that our nation’s leaders continue to cash their paychecks while failing to keep promises to those who give so much.

Recently, I attended my son’s graduation from Military Police training at Fort Leonard Wood Missouri. I remember sitting in a large auditorium with the other proud parents as we watched the soldiers march in. Before the ceremony started we were shown a short film of soldiers training in the field, climbing into helicopters armed and ready for combat. It looked like an elaborate Hollywood production until you realized that these were not actors, they were our sons and daughters.

It suddenly hit me that our society has started to resemble the popular book and movie, “The Hunger Games.” Will Children pay the price for their parent’s greed?

Think about it. Over the last few decades we’ve continued to live beyond our means both in the public and private sector. We’ve racked up $Trillions in debt hoping to keep our economy afloat long enough so our children can pay the tab decades from now. We continue to support an entitlement mentality and are moving closer to a cradle-to-grave solution that can only be paid for by future generations.

Government’s failure to live up to a promise made to our fighting men and women is just the beginning of what we will steal from our children.

David Nelson
Parent of a US Soldier