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May 24

Tina Turner – RIP

I didn’t know Tina but I met her briefly backstage when we were both on tour.
She knew just what to do to take her fans right to the edge. What a night. I’ll never forget it.

May 23

Running On Empty – Why a debt deal could be bad news for stocks

By David Nelson, CFA  You’ve probably had this conversation with friends and family. It goes something like this. What happens to my 401k and other investments if Democrats and Republicans can’t come to a compromise over the debt ceiling? U.S. debt is a staggering 31.4 trillion and debt to GDP is at the highest levels […]

May 15

Evolution or Revolution: The AI Era Through the Eyes of an Investor

David Nelson, CFA CMT Artificial intelligence is capturing the hearts and minds of investors. And why not? Real intelligence on so many levels is missing in action. As humans we seem to stumble from one bad decision to the next. What could be more exciting than a new technology that takes some of the burden off […]

May 09

Banks don’t go down 70% unless there’s a systemic problem

May 08

When is the best time to get out of mega cap stocks? Asking for a friend.

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Did anything change last week? Not really. It was a modestly downbeat week with the exception of Friday’s monster rally on the heels of a solid quarter from Apple (AAPL). The stock sits just shy of the August 2022 high and only modestly below all-time highs set in 2021. Bloomberg Data  […]

April 24

Size Matters

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Earnings are about to get real as some of the largest companies on the planet are set to report. It’s time for these Mega Cap giants to live up to their safe-haven image buoyed by fortress like balance sheets and secular growth trends that should protect them in times of […]

April 20

Canary in the coal mine

April 10

236,000 Jobs – The Fed is terrified of making this mistake

By David Nelson, CFA CMT How you spin a story is often more important than the story itself. It’s certainly that way in politics. All you have to do is flip through your news channels on your cable box. The same story on Fox is going to look and sound a lot different than it […]

April 04

Wall Street Wars: Biden, Trump and Seinfeld Take Center Stage

By David Nelson & ChatGPT Fade in applause Jerry on stage JERRY What’s the deal with March Madness in the stock market? I mean, one minute we’re cruising down the highway and the next minute we hit a pothole the size of Texas. And what do we do when we hit that pothole? We start […]

March 27

China U.S. Relations – There’s only one way this ends

By David Nelson, CFA US-China relations are once again center stage, as a congressional hearing Thursday highlighted the deepening concern that China’s reach into our society isn’t only harmful but a threat to national security. Sitting before members of the House, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew was grilled for hours by both Republicans and Democrats attempting […]