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March 02

COVID-19: The road ahead for markets

By David Nelson, CFA CMT It took less than seven trading sessions for the S&P 500 to fall from an all-time high to a full-blown correction, now off 12.76% from the February 19th close. Fears that the coronavirus which first broke out in Wuhan an industrial city in the Hubei province of China has wreaked […]

March 01

COVID-19 and the Black Swan

David weighs in on COVID-19 and the sell-off in world markets.

March 01

Fox Business Interview – The Correction

Early last week as the market correction and impact of the coronavirus was picking up steam.

February 24

Investors brace for a correction

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Monday looks to open the same way Friday closed, only worse. Fear, confusion combined with valuations in the upper quadrant create a toxic cocktail. Its true stocks don’t live in a vacuum and compared to U.S. treasuries are the better asset class. However, fear authorities are losing their grip on […]

February 23

The Oracle of Omaha Stumbles

David joins i24News anchor Michelle Makori to weigh in on a wide range of issues including mounting concern the coronavirus isn’t yet contained.

February 23

Markets take a step back

David joins the On the Move panel to discuss the latest news and market reaction.

February 19

Musk/Gates – Smackdown

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss the latest flap the Billion Dollar Club. Musk and Gates go at it.

February 17

Apple Warns

Commentary: Coming into Monday futures were up modestly as markets in Europe seemed to be taking their cue from China’s strong performance. Government leaders indicate they will do whatever it takes to support the economy considering the pandemic that has swept the nation. At 4PM Monday Apple warned that they won’t be able to make […]

February 17

Around the world in 104 seconds

David weighs in on all the usual suspects #coronavirus #election $SPY

February 13

LYFT earnings need a lift