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May 13

The Elephant in the Room

By David Nelson, CFA With earnings in the rear-view mirror what will be the next catalyst to drive returns? Last week’s performance was the best since March and for you stock chart jockeys a breakout above the descending trend line drawn from the highs of January. All in, the earnings season was about as good […]

May 07

Stock Market Purgatory – Living Between Heaven & Hell

By David Nelson, CFA Caught in a world between Heaven and Hell investors have struggled with a market that’s always a headline or tweet away from a 500-point down day. As simple as it sounds, heaven is defined as the S&P 500 breaking above the downtrend drawn from the all-time high of 2873. For the […]

April 25

Tech & Earnings – Interview with Maria Bartiromo

David joins Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo to discuss Apple, Facebook and the impact Washington will have on Technology.

April 16

Geopolitical vs Earnings – Markets react to both

Investors are forced deal with a news cycle that doesn’t let up

April 15

Washington vs the Market

April 15

Do we really need the U.S. Post Office

With a $65 Billion loss over the last 10 years it begs the question do we really need a Post Office in the internet age.

April 15

TPP Redux

David joins the panel to discuss the President’s decision to take another look at TPP

April 11

Zuckerberg Testifies on the Hill

David joins the panel just as Mark Zuckerberg starts his testimony in front of the Senate Commerce Committee

April 11

Facebook CEO in Washington for Congressional Hearings

David weighs in on Facebook as Mr. Zuckerberg arrives in Washington

April 08

China Status in the WTO

David joins the panel hosted by Fox Business anchor Charles Payne including Wall Street Journal Op-Ed columnist Jillian Melchoir, Lanhee Chen former economic advisor to Mitt Romney and Gary Hufbauer Peterson Institute for International Economics.