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March 16

Has the labor participation rate bottomed?

Has the labor participation rate bottomed. David joins Charles Payne and Gerri Willis to discuss.

March 16

Kudlow gets the nod at the White House

David explains why Larry Kudlow was the best choice to replace Gary Cohn.

March 16

Senate rolls back Dodd Frank

David weighs in on a late breaking story as the Senate rolls back Dodd Frank.

March 14

Rex Tillerson goes out as a class act

Rex Tillerson went out as a class act. Market reaction was mixed on a heavy news cycle.

March 11

FBNAM – Steel Tariffs

March 11

Did China Blink on U.S. Tariffs?

March 11

Weighing in on North Korea Talks

David sits down with former White House advisor to Bush 43 Ron Christie, political commentator Erin McPike and host Connell McShane on Neil Cavuto’s show last week to discuss the merits and potential risk of President Trump’s impending face to face meeting with Kim Jong Un.

March 01

Facebook & Google in the Cross Hairs of Government Regulators

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss Facebook and Google’s role in the Russia investigation.

January 29

As good as it gets?

By David Nelson, CFA No other way to put it. A monster week for stocks and as the media points out, the best start for the market since 1987. Before we all take a stress pill it’s important to note that despite the crash, 1987 was an up year. 9 trading days into the month […]

January 22


By David Nelson, CFA Equity markets pushed higher last week despite the prospects of a government shutdown on Friday. Right on cue the Elephants and the Donkeys failed in their mandate as the Washington Circus came to a screeching halt. It’s unlikely it will last for any length of time but with each day that […]