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September 21

It wouldn’t take much to light the fuse

Yesterday Nancy and I Yesterday with Fox Business anchor Charles Payne and Nancy Tengler CIO Laffer Tengler Investments. We covered a lot of ground all leading up to today’s FOMC decision.

September 11

Talking Points MWM

David weighs in on several stories hitting the tape including censorship, section 230 and the Fed.

September 11

Mornings with Maria – Europe

David joins Fox Business Anchor Maria Bartiromo

August 21


David weighs in on some of the pressing issues investors are facing just in front of the Fed’s Jackson Hole Retreat.

August 08

Calling it the I.R.A. is an Insult

By David Nelson, CFA The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 has passed the Senate with a tie breaking vote from Vice President Kamala Harris. Democrats have been desperate to put some points on the board and the secret negotiations between Senator Joe Manchin and Majority leader Chuck Schumer pushed the bill closer to the finish […]

August 04

Market Trap?

David joins Fox Business host Charles Payne and Strategic Wealth Partners CEO Mark Tepper to discuss the recent rally in risk assets

August 04


David joins the National Report to discuss the Senate Semiconductor bill and insider trading by members of Congress

August 01

Are we in recession or not?

By David Nelson, CFA CMT The administration, the press and some leading economists are having trouble with the term recession and its definition. So much so that it’s sparked a raging political debate with each side accusing the other of misleading the American people. It doesn’t matter what talking heads including yours truly think. The American people […]

July 20

Growth at the Right Price

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss earnings and the latest economic news.

June 16

Shark Bait