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September 17

Pass the Baton

Market performance is starting to broaden out. It makes sense for investors to move down the valuation curve as America goes back to work

September 17


What do Warren Buffett Mark Zuckerberg Reid Hoffman and Jack Dorsey have in common?

September 14

The Window Portfolio

I can see what to buy just looking outside my window

August 31

What’s Next?

With stocks and bonds at or close to all-time highs investors want to know $SPY #Economy $TLT

August 29

Palantir CEO Blasts Silicon Valley

August 29

IPO Market is Red Hot!

With the market at all time highs it’s not surprising IPO’s would be Red Hot!

August 19

Market Economy Disconnect

David joins CNBC anchor Dominic Chu – David weighs in on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money comments on the market economy disconnect

August 12

Rotation Wars!

David weighs in on sector rotation and the latest market data with the Yahoo Finance news team.

August 06

Microsoft to buy TikTok

David weighs in on the forced sale of TikTok

August 06

Apples and Elephants

David joins the Yahoo Finance news team to discuss Apple’s run up to $2Trillion Market Cap