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August 11

Uber vs Betamax

David joins the Yahoo Finance team to discuss the market as well as the latest on Uber and Lyft

August 11

In it for the long run

Market marches on despite the latest on trade

August 11

China – the end game

David weighs in on the President’s recent comments on trade negotiations with China  

July 28

Boeing – Someone needs to fall on their sword

David joins the i24News team to discuss the latest news on Boeing

July 28

Biggest Risk for Big Tech…

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to talk Big Tech

July 28

Around the world in 8 minutes

David sits down for an interview with Bloomberg Canada’s John Ehrlichman to discuss a range of issues.

July 19

Facebook’s Libra faces uphill battle on the hill

Facebook has lost the trust of Congress and faces an uphill battle to launch their crypto currency Libra

July 02

Trade Talks Restart – Huawei Looms Large

David joins i24News anchor Michelle Makori to discuss the latest on China and Huawei

June 25

Trump Xi meeting on deck

David joins Fox Business anchor Ashley Webster to discuss the upcoming meeting between President’s Trump and Xi.

June 23

A week in 1 minute 44 seconds

A week of media filtered down to just one minute and 44 seconds. David sits down with Fox Business anchors Maria Bartiromo, Charles Payne and the i24News team to weigh in on a range of issues from China to the Fed.