April 05

Elon buys Twitter

Elon Musk takes a 9% stake in Twitter

April 04

We’re not in Kansas anymore

By David Nelson, CFA Investors entered 2022 with several issues that needed to be resolved. The bubble in non-profitable technology stocks had already started to unwind and inflation was well on its way to becoming a problem not just for investors and the FOMC but for everyday Americans. Add a war breaking out in Ukraine that escalated […]

March 29

What is the VIX telling us now?

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne along with Strategic Wealth Partners CEO Mark Tepper

March 27

Energy policy needs to pivot quickly

Energy policy needs to pivot quickly. David joins Bloomberg BNN host Jon Erlichman.

March 27

Best offense is a good DEFENSE!

Last time I looked every corner of the planet was geopolitical hotspot.

March 21

Down 90%!

By David Nelson, CFA CMT I don’t think there was a single data point on its own that sparked last week’s rally. Just enough stars aligned forcing a rush back into risk assets. In just 4 trading sessions close to half the year-to-date losses were erased. S&P 500 1 Year Data by FactSet Bulls taunted with “I told […]

March 16

Ask me when we get to 75

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne along with Nancy Tengler and Jim Awad in front of a Fed meeting that will usher in the first rate hike since 2018.

March 15

China Shutdown Hits Tech Shares

David talks about sectors that are working in a challenged market

March 14

When the COWZ come home!

By David Nelson, CFA CMT War in Ukraine continues to take its toll on equity prices and with-it investor sentiment. The missile strike hitting a Ukrainian military base near Poland a NATO ally adds to those concerns. If the conflict were to breach the border even through miscalculation it could trigger article 5 potentially putting […]

March 09

Even in the specter of war there is opportunity

Last month we came within 100 S&P points of what I call fair value. Now we are trying to defend that support.