July 19

Battle Over Healthcare & Tax Reform

David sits down with Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone to discuss the failure of the Senate Healthcare Bill along with an upcoming fight over Tax Reform  

July 17

Earnings On Deck

On set with Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Tyler Mathesin, Mellissa Lee and John Manley Chief Equity Strategist Wells Fargo. It was a real pleasure meeting John something of a legend in the investment community.

July 16

When Jamie Dimon talks, EVERYONE listens!

By David Nelson, CFA Banks kicked off the earning’s season Friday as JP Morgan (JPM) and Wells Fargo (WFC) reported 2nd quarter results. The headline beat from (JPM) came on the back of higher fees and lower credit costs but the shocker was a surprise lecture from CEO Jamie Dimon. Launching an all-out attack on […]

July 10

How safe is the safe haven trade?

By David Nelson, CFA Stocks ended the shortened holiday week close to the flat line while bonds and gold finished under pressure as investors rotated out of traditional safe haven assets. U.S. yields pushed higher on the heels of a better than expected jobs report coming in at 222k above consensus at 185k. U.S. 10 […]

July 06

Why markets aren’t reacting to North Korea

David joins anchors Cheryl Cassone and former F/A 18 Pilot Lea Gabrielle to discuss North Korea and the G20 Summit in Europe.  

July 04

Zero Sum Game – CNBC

David joins CNBC anchors Bill Griffeth and Kelly Evans to discuss stocks that can work for the second half.  

July 03

Gekko: It’s a Zero Sum Game – Somebody wins somebody loses

By David Nelson, CFA We’ve hit the point of no return for 2017. Probably a good spot to check our compass and make sure we have enough fuel to complete the journey. With the exception of a few bumps along the way the broad indices have been relatively benign. However, trading beneath the surface has […]

July 03

Market Concerns Over Washington

David joins anchors Lauren Simonetti and Cheryl Cassone to discuss trading into the close of the quarter.  

July 03

From Wall Street to Main Street

David joins host Michelle Makori for i24 News to discuss the week’s events.  

June 28

Healthcare – “Life is hard, but it’s even harder when you’re stupid”

By David Nelson, CFA The Senate healthcare bill, now on hold till after the July 4th break triggers partisan rhetoric across the print and broadcast media. The challenges of an aging population and the increased drain on social backstops like Medicaid & Medicare have pushed the system to the limit and can no longer be put […]