May 21

The Comey Memo – Highlights from the week

Highlights from a series of interviews last week. The Comey memo and the appointment of a special counsel both front and center for investors  

May 15

Tug of War – Investors Caught in the Middle

By David Nelson, CFA Investors seem to have stumbled into the middle of a good old fashioned Tug of War. On one side strong corporate earnings, sales and margins look to push stocks higher. On the other is a paralyzed Washington as both sides of the aisle believe the only thing that matters is I […]

May 11

Trump Fires Comey – France 24 Debate

David joins a distinguished panel in Paris via satellite from New York to discuss the President’s firing of FBI Director James Comey

May 09

Common Sense Investing for Retirement

By David Nelson, CFA Probably the most important word I’ll use this morning is consistency. Regardless of age having a plan and sticking to it is the best advice any financial professional can give. Mutual funds often get a bad rap and even today some talk about a bubble in index funds. It doesn’t matter […]

May 08

Can The Hammer Save Oil Bulls?

By David Nelson, CFA Healthcare and the French Elections topped the Wall of Worry list for the last several weeks. As of this writing a Macron win seems all but certain with early exit polls giving him 65% of the vote. Here in the states Healthcare is once again center stage as a partisan Congress […]

May 02

Breaking up is hard to do – Banks & Glass Steagall

David joins the discussion on Yahoo TV. Is it time to break up the big banks…

May 02

United CEO on Capital Hill – Time for a little common sense

David says it is time for a little common sense at the airlines. Fixing the problem is easier than you think.

May 01

Sell in May? – The CNBC Interview

David joins the CNBC team to discuss the old Trader’s Almanac rule to Sell in May and Go Away. Does it still work? Watch and find out.

May 01

What CEOs Will Do With the Trump Tax Cut – The Answer Isn’t What You Think

By David Nelson, CFA After a 6 week slide from the all-time intraday high of 2400, the S&P 500 (SPY) rallied in the final two weeks of April hoping to retake the high ground. The tug of war between valuation, politics and macro concerns vs. a relatively strong earnings season rages on. While the CBOE […]

April 30

North Korea & NAFTA in the Crosshairs – CBS News Interview

David joins the CBS News team to discuss the latest developments regarding North Korea and the administration’s stance on NAFTA.