September 01

Alphabet moves supply chain out of China

David weighs in on the latest developments out of China following Alphabet’s decision to move a supply chain to Vietnam.

August 22

The Chosen One

David weighs in on the latest from the administration on trade and China

August 22

Hostage to a news cycle

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss his latest thoughts on markets and the economy.

August 19

Bonds in a Bubble

By David Nelson, CFA CMT On the heels of an 800-point plunge in the DOW Wednesday, stocks regained their footing closing out the week on a positive note. Friday‚Äôs bounce helped us enjoy the weekend but not enough to wash away some of the negative headlines that hang over the market like a dark cloud. […]

August 18

Around the World in 2 Minutes Redux

Two minute highlight reel from a week that felt like a ride on the the Coney Island Cyclone

August 18

Worst Day of the Year

David joins the TD Ameritrade Network in New York’s Times Square to discuss an 800 point decline in the DOW.

August 18

Do Negative Rates Guarantee a Recession

August 18

The Future of Big Box Retail

David joins Fox Business host Charles Payne to discuss the future of retail

August 11

Uber vs Betamax

David joins the Yahoo Finance team to discuss the market as well as the latest on Uber and Lyft

August 11

In it for the long run

Market marches on despite the latest on trade