September 02

Young people not buying into the Easy Rider experience is bad news for HOG

Harley Davidson has bigger problems than tariffs.

August 30

NAFTA Breakthrough?

With Mexico signing on and Canadian officials in Washington the administration believes they are close to a new NAFTA deal. David weighs in on Fox Business.

August 30

What are slumping auto sales saying about the economy?

David sits down with Fox Business host Connell McShane to discuss recent data pointing to a global slump in auto sales.

August 27

3,453 Days from the Abyss

By David Nelson, CFA After 3,453 days investors celebrate a milestone as we mark the longest bull market in history. Here we are a decade following the worst financial crisis in generations and the memories of Lehman collapsing along the value of your 401k are all but a memory. The gallows humor for those of […]

August 23

3,453 Days

August 23

Records are made to be broken

David joins i24 News anchor Michelle Makori to weigh in on the market’s record breaking run.

August 22

Tech Valuations – Does it matter?

David joins Fox Business anchor Cheryl Casone to discuss Tech valuations in front of the longest running bull market on record.  

August 19

Market moves beyond FANG

David weighs in on the latest events shaping the market with Fox Business anchor Charles Payne

August 19

Trump wasn’t in the playbook

David sits down with Fox Business host Charles Payne and former intelligence analyst Morgan Ortagus to discuss a potential new round of trade talks with China

August 16

Turkey – How real is the crisis?

David joins Fox Business host Trish Regan and ETF manager Sean O’Hara to discuss the ongoing crisis in Turkey