May 04

Stock Market Purgatory

David joins CNBC anchors Dominic Chu and Courtney Reagan to discuss the state of the markets.

May 04

Tesla’s Elon Musk – Frankly he was an ASS!

David weighs in on Elon Musk’s bizarre conference call where he called analysts bonehead and boring.

April 30

The Wall

By David Nelson, CFA Most of the metrics for the current economic outlook have been everything we hoped for. Consumer Confidence, housing and even Friday’s durable goods orders were strong on the heels of strong aircraft sales. By some measures, CAPEX or capital expenditures are finally making it into the mix. Bloomberg points to early […]

April 27

Can stocks survive a 3% 10-Year

David joins Fox Business anchor Geri Lewis to weigh in on the Fed and Main Street Economy  

April 27

The United States of Amazon Part II

The only thing that can stop Goliath is a re-write of anti-trust laws.

April 25

CAT CEO calls the top

April 25

Tech & Earnings – Interview with Maria Bartiromo

David joins Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo to discuss Apple, Facebook and the impact Washington will have on Technology.

April 23

Stocks didn’t get the memo

By David Nelson, CFA On the heels of a market friendly tax cut, record corporate earnings and a chorus of talking heads including yours truly predicting another year of rising stock prices, only one thing is missing. Stocks didn’t get the memo. With the exception of some standout stars like Netflix (NFLX) and others with […]

April 16

Geopolitical vs Earnings – Markets react to both

Investors are forced deal with a news cycle that doesn’t let up

April 15

Syria – Minutes before the strike

Minutes before the strike David was discussing the risks of collateral damage.