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September 22

BNN Interview – 2 Top Picks

David does an in depth interview with BNN’s Catharine Murray

September 08

BNN Full Interview – Investor Challenges

David does an in depth interview with BNN host Catharine Murray on challenges investors face in today’s markets.

August 22

BNN – Fed Speak – Full Interview

David does an in depth interview on Canada’s Business News Network. Trying to interpret Fed Speak takes year’s of experience.

July 08

Wall Street vs Main Street – BNN

David talks to BNN host Catherine Murray about the recent jobs number and the divide between Wall Street and Main Street.

July 08

Boeing – Corning – BNN Interview

David talks about two recent purchases, Boeing (BA) and Corning (GLW)

April 08

BNN – The Three Stooges Market – From the Nasdaq

David talks about the recent selloff in high momentum stocks on Canada’s Business News Network.

March 23

BNN In-Depth Interview – S&P – China – Trouble in the Biotech Sector

David talks with BNN host Mark Bunting about a range of topics on investors minds. Biotechs, the Fed, Index Investing are all covered during this in-depth interview.

June 28

Q2 Earnings could make or break the year

Click here for video  David joins BNN Bloomberg anchor Jon Erlichman to discuss his article on market divergence and the importance of Q2 earnings.

May 17

The Elephant in the Room – The Movie

Covered a lot of ground this morning from BNN anchor Jon Ehrlichaman. Markets, trade, valuation and where I’ve placed my bets. Click Here for video

October 30

Market reacts to the indictment of Paul Manafort

David joins the BNN news team to weigh in on the indictment of Paul Manafort as well as commentary surrounding the odds on tax reform and Apples upcoming earnings report.