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November 02

Facebook – Internet Police

David joins CBS News anchor Elaine Quijano to discuss Facebook and censorship.

September 28

Tax Reform – The Litmus Test

David joins CBS News anchor Reena Ninan to discuss the President’s address announcing the GOP Tax Reform Package.

February 03

Uber CEO pulls out of Trump Advisory Council

David joins the CBS News team to discuss Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s decision to pull out of President Trump’s Advisory Council.

December 13

The Three Musketeers Battle Over DOW 20K

David joins the Closing Bell gang with anchors Kelly Evans and Bill Griffeth along with Keith Bliss and Rick Santelli to discuss DOW 20K Facebook and CBS. As usual Rick gets the last word.

June 26

Brexit Highlight Reel

A highlight reel of David’s several media appearances in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Segments include those from Yahoo, Fox Business and CBS

November 18

Bernie Sanders says Wall Street’s business model is Greed & Fraud…

By David Nelson, CFA Saturday’s Democratic debate hosted by CBS from Des Moines, Iowa covered a range of topics and was viewed by over 15 million people. I have to take issue with one of Senator Sander’s comments he made repeatedly throughout the evening. First, let me start by saying Bernie is the real deal. He […]

November 09

Debt Collection – You have rights!

By David Nelson, CFA An 84 year old woman contacted by a California debt collection firm is told they represent a bounty hunter and that an arrest warrant has been issued for her daughter. The lie was an attempt to get her to pay a debt she didn’t even owe.  Unfortunately, this is just one […]

October 30

Debate Winners & Losers

There may not have been a winner but there was certainly a clear loser in the CNBC Republican debate. David joins the CBS news team along with Republican Strategist Rick Davis to analyze the evening.  

July 09

Day the Computers Failed US – NYSE, United Airlines & The WSJ

David joins CBS Anchor Contessa Brewer on set to discuss a series of computer glitches that paralyzed the NYSE, United Airlines and the Wall Street Journal.

June 25

Content is Still King! – Scotus Rules Against Aereo

By David Nelson In a 6-3 decision the Supreme Court ruled against Aereo and for broadcasters settling a battle between the broadcast industry and the upstart company backed by Interactive Corp’s (IACI) Barry Diller. From my vantage point Aereo, was simply exploiting a back door path around broadcast copyright protection. By assigning a customer their […]