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April 18

Rethinking 60-40 the movie

David joins Bloomberg BNN anchor Jon Ehrlichman

March 27

Energy policy needs to pivot quickly

Energy policy needs to pivot quickly. David joins Bloomberg BNN host Jon Erlichman.

March 08

Sanctions or Bullets

The market magnet is the mid-point between the bubble high valuation and the valuation low since, Do the math. $SPY $USO

February 25

From Khreshchatyk to Wall Street

David joins the BNN news team to weigh in on the most recent events out of Ukraine and the global market reaction. “Already China has come out willing to blunt any sanctions the west imposes on Russia.”

February 25

Geopolitical Reset

David joins the BNN news team to weigh in on the geopolitical end game for Putin

May 26

Clock is Ticking

David joins BNN Bloomberg News host John Ehrlichman to weigh in on the latest news driving markets.

January 19

Bloomberg Canada Interview

Click here for today’s interview of David talking Bloomberg anchor Amber Kanwar

December 09

FAANG is not the risk on trade anymore

Click HERE for video

October 02

President tests Positive for Covid – Market Reaction

David joins Bloomberg anchor Jon Ehrlichman to discuss the President’s diagnosis and the market reaction.

May 06

America goes back to work

David joins BNN host Amanda Lang