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June 25

Content is Still King! – Scotus Rules Against Aereo

By David Nelson In a 6-3 decision the Supreme Court ruled against Aereo and for broadcasters settling a battle between the broadcast industry and the upstart company backed by Interactive Corp’s (IACI) Barry Diller. From my vantage point Aereo, was simply exploiting a back door path around broadcast copyright protection. By assigning a customer their […]

May 18

AT&T / Direct TV Deal – Buyer Beware

By David Nelson, CFA In a deal rumored for weeks AT&T (T) is buying Direct TV (DTV) for $49 Billion or about $95 per share in cash and stock. Both boards have approved the deal and now begin the long regulatory process that follows. All of this comes on the heels of Comcast’s (CMCSA) bid […]

February 03

January – What Happened, Why It Happened and What We Are Doing About It!

By David Nelson, CFA January was a month most stock investors would like to forget, especially coming on the heels of 2013 where the market offered few opportunities to get in.  Alpha Select outperformed this month but a 3.6% fall in the S&P has to be addressed. Let’s talk about; What happened, Why it happened […]

January 02

2014 – Why the Ride Isn’t Over!

By David Nelson, CFA Gordon Gekko – “This is your wakeup call pal. Go to work.” It’s 6:30 am Wednesday, January 1st 2014 and I can’t get my mind off Gekko’s call to Bud Fox in the movie “Wall Street.” Obviously, I didn’t make it to Times Square last night, so I decided to start […]

December 02

Before the Bell – China – Japan Update, AMZN Drones & More

( Click on Picture for Interview) China Follow-up – China, Japan and the U.S continue to put military assets into the skies over the East China Seas close to the Senkaku Islands where both China and Japan claim sovereignty. China wants the U.S. Military to file flight plans when they fly through their ADIZ (Air […]

November 04

Every Bull Market Feels Like a Bubble

During every Bull Market we see a parade of analysts, portfolio managers and talking heads trying to call the top. Screams that the market is a bubble and the end of the world is just around the corner are heard daily. If I look back over my career, I’m sure I’m guilty as well. The […]

September 03

Time Warner Cable Blinks – Perfect Storm Follow-Up

With the all-important NFL Season rapidly approaching Time Warner Cable (TWC) and CBS (CBS) yesterday settled their dispute over retransmission rights. The blackout has been lifted in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas where it’s been in place for close to a month. I wrote recently about how the balance of power was shifting from […]

July 21

The Perfect Storm For Cable

Content is King, is a phrase that puts fear in the hearts and minds of cable company executives and gets louder each time one of its providers decides it’s time to raise prices. Technology, which has a way of disrupting business models, is about to wield its sword once again. While each of these creates a […]