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January 02

2014 Yearbook

Alpha Select – December 2014 Update *Alpha Select – December (-1.15%)  YTD +13.19% * Net of Fees David Nelson, CFA After a rough start, a series of geopolitical events shaking investor confidence and a disappointing final trading day, 2014 added a 6th year to the bull market that began in 2009. Alpha Select enjoyed another strong year […]

December 30

It’s Different This Time – The Movie

David talks to BNN host Frances Horodelski about his recent Yahoo Finance Article and projections for the coming year

June 25

Did Wall Street Kill Lululemon? – The Movie

David talks to BNN host Catherine Murray about LULU founder Chip Wilson’s attempt to regain control of the company.

June 25

Inflation Geopolitical Risks Ahead?

David does an in depth interview with BNN host Catherine Murray on a range of issues.

May 15

Walmart Quarter – It wasn’t just the weather

David tells BNN host Mark Bunting that Walmart’s weak quarter was due to more than just the weather.

March 30

The Worm Has Turned – Growth VS. Value

By David Nelson, CFA March has been a difficult month for momentum stocks as the darlings of Wall Street morphed into wall flowers. Despite the selloff in market favorites like Netflix (NFLX), Facebook (FB), Priceline (PCLN), Amazon (AMZN) and a host of biotech’s, the overall market has fared well. The rotation within the S&P has […]

March 17

Russia / China – The Great Wall of Worry

By David Nelson, CFA Markets in the U.S. will likely face their biggest test this year over the next couple of months. There are two dynamics investors will be forced to confront as we head into spring. First of course is the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine with governments and investors trying to decipher Putin’s […]

March 08

This is Not China’s Bear Stearns Moment

David talks with host Catharine Murray on Canada’s Business News Network about China’s first bond default. David also hits on recent the recent market action and Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto.

February 03

Business News Network – Bears Scored a Couple of Touchdowns

David talks with BNN’s Catharine Murray about the big sell-off in global markets