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October 24

Amazon or Apple?

David discusses both Amazon and Apple with Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney.

May 03

Aljazeera America – Jobs – Apple vs. Samsung

David talks to Aljazeera host Morgan Kelly Radford on a range of issues including Jobs and the low labor participation rate. Morgan turns the tables and moves on to the battle between Apple & Samsung. David says this is Steve Job’s Holy War against Google.

March 25

The Magnificent Seven of Old Tech

By David Nelson, CFA In the last few days we’ve seen a massive rotation from the market’s biggest winners to what investors refer to as Old Tech. For those of you not in the markets long enough to remember the Magnificent Seven, there was a time when (AAPL), (INTC), (MSFT), (IBM), (ORCL), (CSCO), & (EMC) […]

March 13

Avoid the S&P Big 20!

David talks to CNBC hosts Brian & Mandy about today’s selloff. Then David & Brian duke it out over indexing vs. active management.

March 12

Active vs. Passive Investing – Time for Some Payback!

By David Nelson, CFA Since the dawn of index funds investors have grappled with the decision to place their hard earned money with portfolio managers or just buy the index. As money management styles fall in and out of favor, investors rushed from one fund to the next chasing the Holy Grail. Since most indexes […]

January 28

Apple (AAPL) – Show Me the Money

January 28

The Willis Report – Apple & Emerging Markets Face-Off

David joins Fox Business Host Gerri Willis and dukes it out with David McAlvany and Sean Hyman.

December 23

Before the Bell – Apple China Deal (My Target 700) – Boeing Union Members Demand Vote

Apple Heads to China (Targets go Up) – The long rumored deal between China Mobile (CHL) and Apple (AAPL) was finally announced by both companies Sunday. Apple has already climbed over the Great Wall but has struggled to gain market share even after the launch of their 5c & 5s phones. The scaled down 5c […]

December 05

Before the Bell – AAPL, China Update, Minimum Wage, the ACA, Jobs, Volker Rule

Apple (AAPL) – The chart is certainly looking like the Apple of old. After several years of negotiations Apple finally cut a deal with China Mobile. This has been rumored for some time and part of the reason Steve Mulonovich from UBS upgraded the stock recently. Apple is in the Alpha Select portfolio. Despite having […]

September 16

“Hello, My Name is David Nelson and I’m an Appleholic” – Redux

“Hello, My Name is David Nelson and I’m an Appleholic.” I confessed that to Newsmax readers in my article in late 2012. I was hopelessly addicted succumbing to the siren song of Apple products, spiffy stores and yes soaring stock price. Up until a few months earlier it was a must own stock for investors. Portfolio […]