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November 28

Nothing Changes Market Sentiment Like Price

By David Nelson, CFA Investors have a myopic focus on U.S. stocks sometimes to the exclusion of most other asset classes. The stock centric thinking becomes even more pronounced when the conversation shifts to the mega cap community including Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon. Tech has dominated investor sentiment for the better part of a decade. […]

July 19

Hero to Zero

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Questioning the catalyst for the S&P 500’s first down week in a month investors went into the weekend looking for answers. Whenever we don’t have a clear explanation about price momentum or the lack there of, we scrub the numbers searching for a data point or factor to placate our […]

December 23

EV to TV – Apple wants to be a player

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss Apple’s entry into the EV space

November 04

Apple takes a bite out of the market

$AAPL #Fed #Economy

June 17

Can Oprah Save Apple’s Video Service

David weighs in on Apple’s move to bring on Oprah Winfrey in an attempt to better compete with Netflix.

April 25

Tech & Earnings – Interview with Maria Bartiromo

David joins Fox News anchor Maria Bartiromo to discuss Apple, Facebook and the impact Washington will have on Technology.

October 27

Dumbing down the iPhone X

David joins anchors Alexis Christophorous and Myles Udland to discuss the dumbing down of the iPhone X

September 02

This is what happens without a home button on the iPhone

Light moment on Yahoo set with Seana and Myles talking about the unintended consequences removing the home button on the iPhone.  

July 03

From Wall Street to Main Street

David joins host Michelle Makori for i24 News to discuss the week’s events.  

September 01

Apple to Bring Home Billions

David says Apple got caught with their pants down and now are holding out an olive branch.