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August 31

Does Apple Pay It’s Fair Share – CBS Interview

David joins the CBS news team to discuss the $14.5 Billion Europe says they owe them in back taxes. “This is just the beginning of a larger conversation about tax reform” – David

November 10

Apple or Fitbit – Which one is best for your health?

David joins CNBC’s Closing bell with Kelly Evans and Mike Santoli to discuss Fitbit and the challenges it faces.

September 16

“Hello, My Name is David Nelson and I’m an Appleholic” – Redux

“Hello, My Name is David Nelson and I’m an Appleholic.” I confessed that to Newsmax readers in my article in late 2012. I was hopelessly addicted succumbing to the siren song of Apple products, spiffy stores and yes soaring stock price. Up until a few months earlier it was a must own stock for investors. Portfolio […]

July 21

The Perfect Storm For Cable

Content is King, is a phrase that puts fear in the hearts and minds of cable company executives and gets louder each time one of its providers decides it’s time to raise prices. Technology, which has a way of disrupting business models, is about to wield its sword once again. While each of these creates a […]

December 28

Newsmax: iConfess: Hello, My Name is David Nelson and I’m an ‘Appleholic’

I’m not sure how it all started, but I do know the first step for any addict on the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Just as a new member in Alcoholics Anonymous would stand up and admit to the group that they are an alcoholic, I stand before the investment community […]