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May 19

AT&T / Direct TV Deal – The Movie

David talks with TheStreet.com host Debra Borchardt and shares his views on AT&T’s decision to take out Direct TV.

May 18

AT&T / Direct TV Deal – Buyer Beware

By David Nelson, CFA In a deal rumored for weeks AT&T (T) is buying Direct TV (DTV) for $49 Billion or about $95 per share in cash and stock. Both boards have approved the deal and now begin the long regulatory process that follows. All of this comes on the heels of Comcast’s (CMCSA) bid […]

January 15

Alpha Select Portfolio Mid-Month Update

By David Nelson, CFA Markets have had a rocky start to 2014 but I haven’t been shaken from my bullish perch. Monday’s fall was on the heels of a Goldman (GS) report labeling the market as overvalued and yesterday’s bounce was off of an in-line quarter from JP Morgan (JPM). Helping push the index higher […]