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January 03

2015 Look Back and Best Bet for 2016

David sits down with Fox News host Patty Ann Browne to discuss 2015 and the road ahead. If “The Graduate” was being made today Mr. McGuire would be whispering Defense not Plastics.

October 26

Like Rocky the aging bull makes a comeback

By David Nelson, CFA After taking a standing eight count the aging U.S. Bull Market makes a Rocky Balboa comeback. October’s performance to date is one of the best in years. There were a few hints along the way. The successful retest in late September and the positive signal from the Bullish Percent index were early […]

September 08

BNN Full Interview – Investor Challenges

David does an in depth interview with BNN host Catharine Murray on challenges investors face in today’s markets.

August 11

Trade War

David shares his views on the Geopolitical and Military Events driving market returns with CNBC hosts Amanda Drury and Brian Sullivan. David answers the question “Which is of more concern to investors, Ukraine or Iraq?

August 10

Putin Blinked!

By David Nelson, CFA Geopolitics have kept investors in a defensive posture for most of the year. While the return of U.S. military operations in Iraq will dominate the front page, events in the Ukraine may be of more importance to investors. Journalists have spent much of the year trying to get inside the head […]

July 08

Boeing – Corning – BNN Interview

David talks about two recent purchases, Boeing (BA) and Corning (GLW)

February 03

January – What Happened, Why It Happened and What We Are Doing About It!

By David Nelson, CFA January was a month most stock investors would like to forget, especially coming on the heels of 2013 where the market offered few opportunities to get in.  Alpha Select outperformed this month but a 3.6% fall in the S&P has to be addressed. Let’s talk about; What happened, Why it happened […]

January 06

Boeing Vote Ends the Battle But Not the War!

By David Nelson, CFA Seattle – Late Friday, officials of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace, Boeing’s (BA) largest union, announced members had voted to accept management’s recent offer. The vote brings an end to a bitterly fought standoff not just between the union and management but amongst the union members themselves. In recent […]

January 02

2014 – Why the Ride Isn’t Over!

By David Nelson, CFA Gordon Gekko – “This is your wakeup call pal. Go to work.” It’s 6:30 am Wednesday, January 1st 2014 and I can’t get my mind off Gekko’s call to Bud Fox in the movie “Wall Street.” Obviously, I didn’t make it to Times Square last night, so I decided to start […]

December 23

Before the Bell – Apple China Deal (My Target 700) – Boeing Union Members Demand Vote

Apple Heads to China (Targets go Up) – The long rumored deal between China Mobile (CHL) and Apple (AAPL) was finally announced by both companies Sunday. Apple has already climbed over the Great Wall but has struggled to gain market share even after the launch of their 5c & 5s phones. The scaled down 5c […]