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December 17

Before the Bell – Drowing in Oil (OXY) (HP) – Boeing (BA) More Good News

Drowning in Oil – Energy independence is a big part of my bull thesis for U.S. Equity markets. While not achievable for some time we continue to march down that path. Several of the major news organizations including Bloomberg, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal ran stories yesterday pointing to record output of U.S. […]

December 10

CNBC – David on the Floor of NYSE talking about the Fed’s Taper

David Nelson joins CNBC host Scott Wapner and Bob Pisani on the floor of the NYSE to discuss the Fed’s Taper, John Deere (DE) and his market prediction for 2014.

December 10

Before the Bell – Boeing (BA) “Let’s Make a Deal” – Volcker Rule – What Will Banks Do?

Volcker Rule – Five federal agencies are set to vote on the Volcker Rule which attempts to limit financial risk taking by banking institutions. If passed, hedges that banks put on to limit risk will have to be tied to specific investment. They will no longer be able to make broad bets like the one […]

December 06

Before the Bell – Nelson Mandella Passes – Bitcoin, BA, EXPR – Budget Negotiations

Money won’t create success. The freedom to make it will. – Nelson Mandella ___________________________________________________________________________ The Bitcoin Battle Begins – The first wire house research on Bitcoin is out with David Woo from Bank of America Merrill Lynch stepping up to the plate issuing a 14 page note. What I know so far is this. 1 […]

December 02

Before the Bell – China – Japan Update, AMZN Drones & More

( Click on Picture for Interview) China Follow-up – China, Japan and the U.S continue to put military assets into the skies over the East China Seas close to the Senkaku Islands where both China and Japan claim sovereignty. China wants the U.S. Military to file flight plans when they fly through their ADIZ (Air […]

November 25

What I’m Looking At Today

Iran – Oil is down this morning on the heels of the announced deal with Iran that rolls back some sanctions, while talks go on for the next 6 months. Some analysts like Barclays Helima Croft say this will be just a knee jerk reaction. I disagree. I don’t expect a big bounce back after […]

November 14

Boeing Battles Union Over 777X – Who’s Bluffing?

The 32,000 members of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) have rejected an eight year contract that would have kept the manufacturing of the Boeing 777X in Washington State. The Chief Executive of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Ray Conner issued a statement saying; “We are very disappointed in the outcome of the union vote. […]

November 07

David Nelson – The Willis Report – Twitter IPO

David Speaks to Gerri about Twitter’s IPO and where the stock is going next.

November 04

Every Bull Market Feels Like a Bubble

During every Bull Market we see a parade of analysts, portfolio managers and talking heads trying to call the top. Screams that the market is a bubble and the end of the world is just around the corner are heard daily. If I look back over my career, I’m sure I’m guilty as well. The […]

August 28

Fox Business: David Nelson Aug 27, 2013