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January 17

2023 Predictions – Hero to Zero in a New York Minute

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Everyone loves predictions. Sports, politics, markets, even chess, it doesn’t matter. If it can produce a winner or loser someone is going to make a prediction and even more will risk dollars betting on the outcome. You can go from Hero to Zero in a New York Minute if you […]

March 28

Looking Beyond the Trump Trade

David joins CNBC anchor Kelly Evans to discuss the so called Trump trade. Stocks mentioned include JPM, BAC and NUE.

December 20

Dow Closes in on 20,000 – From the floor of the NYSE

David joins CNBC anchors Kelly Evans & Bill Griffeth along with JPMorgan Global Strategist David Lebovitz as the Dow closes in on 20,000

January 12

Buying a Bank Stock? Read This First

By David Nelson, CFA They have the same tickers and familiar logos but banks sure aren’t the same companies of years past. Gone is the staggering Return on Equity (ROE) and huge trading gains that became the hallmark of firms like Goldman (GS), JP Morgan (JPM)* and others. Make no mistake, these mammoth institutions still […]

August 07

BAC Settles With Justice – The Movie – Excerpts

David blasts Justice for not going after those who responsible for the financial meltdown.

August 07

BAC Settles With Justice – Still No Perp Walks

By David Nelson After the close Wednesday the Wall Street Journal reported Bank of America and Justice were close to a deal to settle accusations of misconduct related to mortgages prior to the financial crisis. (BAC) would pay between $16 and $17 Billion. The settlement would include $9 Billion in cash to Justice and the States with […]

January 21

CNBC Panel from the Floor of the NYSE

David talks about the recent market action from the floor of the NYSE with the CNBC team.