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October 24

Bear Market – The Day After

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Before we get started put down the knives, get off twitter and take a breath. I’m not calling the end of the bear market. If I could do that with a high degree of accuracy I’d have my jet, wouldn’t even be writing this post and I’d be done staring […]

May 30

Father I have sinned!

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss market timing.

October 12

A funny thing happened on the way to the bear market…

By David Nelson, CFA A funny thing happened on the way to the bear market this month. Despite the best efforts of short sellers, strategists and talking heads everywhere, markets worldwide have staged a stunning comeback with most up mid-single digits month to date. World Equity Performance October The September Employment report was the liftoff […]

August 04

Is This The Start of a Bear Market?

David joins the Varney & Co team and answers the question “is this a bear market?” Also weighs in on the President’s interview with the Economist and gives his latest pick.