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October 03

Jobs Report – Looking Behind the Numbers – CCTV

David discusses the Friday’s jobs report with CCTV host Michelle Makori and John Herrmann Director of US Rate Strategies, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities

July 01

I Blew it on GoPro – CNBC

David makes his mea culpa on Go Pro. “I missed the real story behind what is driving this stock”

February 26

Is the Market Getting Ahead of Itself? –

David talks to CNBC host Bill Griffeth about froth in names like Facebook (FB), Tesla (TSLA) and others. Battle is raging between buyers and sellers.

February 24

Facebook (FB) – Party Like It’s 1999

David talks about Facebook’s (FB) $19 Billion acquisition of WhatsApp with Fox Business host Gerri Willis on The Willis Report

February 03

January – What Happened, Why It Happened and What We Are Doing About It!

By David Nelson, CFA January was a month most stock investors would like to forget, especially coming on the heels of 2013 where the market offered few opportunities to get in.  Alpha Select outperformed this month but a 3.6% fall in the S&P has to be addressed. Let’s talk about; What happened, Why it happened […]

January 28

What if the Fed Stops the Taper? – David on the Street

January 28

David on Emerging Markets – The Willis Report

David shares his thoughts on the emerging markets with Fox Business host Gerri Willis on The Willis Report.

January 21

CNBC Panel from the Floor of the NYSE

David talks about the recent market action from the floor of the NYSE with the CNBC team.

January 02

2014 – Why the Ride Isn’t Over!

By David Nelson, CFA Gordon Gekko – “This is your wakeup call pal. Go to work.” It’s 6:30 am Wednesday, January 1st 2014 and I can’t get my mind off Gekko’s call to Bud Fox in the movie “Wall Street.” Obviously, I didn’t make it to Times Square last night, so I decided to start […]

December 31

The Willis Report – Fox Biz – 2014 – Jobs – IBM

David Nelson discusses his target for the markets in 2014 and shares his views on job growth as well as IBM’s broken business model.