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July 16

Market Outlook & Kelly’s Birthday

David joins anchors Bill Griffeth & Kelly Evans to discuss BREXIT and a range of issues for investors. A few minutes into the interview floor traders surprise Kelly with a big Pokeman Birthday Cake.

September 24

We’re All in the Same Lifeboat – CNBC Interview

David joins CNBC hosts Kelly Evans & Bill Griffeth along with good friend Larry McDonald of Newedge to discuss the current market action from the floor of the NYSE.

June 27

Top Media Picks for 2014 – CNBC

David shares his top media picks for 2014 with CNBC hosts Bill Griffeth and Kelly Evans.

May 08

CNBC Closing Bell – Year End Target 2014

David talks to CNBC’s Bill Griffeth about his end of year target for the S&P 500

November 28

CNBC – The Elaine Gazzarelli Moment?

David joins CNBC’s Bill Griffith to discuss Stock Market bubbles and more. David says everyone is looking for their Elaine Gazzarelli moment.