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December 11

Bitcoin controversy as futures launch

David joins Neil Cavuto’s Coast to Coast to weigh in on Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. “One look at a chart tells you it’s a bubble but that doesn’t mean it won’t be here 5 years from now.”

December 07

How safe is Bitcoin?

David joins Fox Business News anchor Lauren Simonetti to discuss the rocket like ascent of Bitcoin. While on set it crossed 15,000 and within a few hours 18,000.

November 30

Bitcoin – Bubble or the Future of Money?

David sits down with i24 News Anchor Michelle Makori to discuss Bitcoin and why governments want to shut it down.

March 08

This is Not China’s Bear Stearns Moment

David talks with host Catharine Murray on Canada’s Business News Network about China’s first bond default. David also hits on recent the recent market action and Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto.

March 05

Flexcoin is the Latest Bitcoin Bank to Bite the Dust

David talks to the Street.com and host Debra Borchardt about the latest Bitcoin institution to go bust.

March 05

Mt. Gox Collapse – Now Bitcoin Bank Flexcoin Robbed

By David Nelson, CFA Reuters is reporting that Bitcoin bank Flexcoin is shutting down after being robbed of about $600,000 by hackers. Flexoin, based in Canada is working with authorities to return coins held in cold storage. The term refers to computers not connected to the internet and therefore can’t be hacked. In a tweet following Mt. Gox’s […]

February 27

Bitcoin – Was Mt. Gox a Ponzi Scheme?

David joins the Al Jazeera America team to discuss Bitcoin and the collapse of Mt. Gox

December 06

Before the Bell – Nelson Mandella Passes – Bitcoin, BA, EXPR – Budget Negotiations

Money won’t create success. The freedom to make it will. – Nelson Mandella ___________________________________________________________________________ The Bitcoin Battle Begins – The first wire house research on Bitcoin is out with David Woo from Bank of America Merrill Lynch stepping up to the plate issuing a 14 page note. What I know so far is this. 1 […]