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January 09

Retro Tech

Even in Technology you can find value stocks

January 09

When Valuation Matters

Too many stocks on the Nasdaq have no E in the PE

January 09

The Dot Plots Moved

Post the Fed Minutes the Dot Plots all moved up pointing to March as lift off for Fed Rate Hikes.

January 09

Energy Policy Mistake

The pivot to OPEC to help fill our energy shortfall is a clear policy mistake

December 12

China – At your own risk

Dollars Speak – #China continues to be a threat in every sense of the word. #Dalio and #Fink are speaking from their wallets.

December 12

2022 – Big shift in positioning

David joins Bloomberg Canada news team to discuss market outlook for next year.

July 28

China – It’s worse than you think

David joins Bloomberg’s Jon Ehrlichman to weigh in on the recent weakness in Chinese shares.

May 26

Clock is Ticking

David joins BNN Bloomberg News host John Ehrlichman to weigh in on the latest news driving markets.

January 19

Bloomberg Canada Interview

Click here for today’s interview of David talking Bloomberg anchor Amber Kanwar

December 09

FAANG is not the risk on trade anymore

Click HERE for video