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November 25

Market Winners & Loosers – BNN

David sits down with BNN’s Francis Horodelski to talk about the state of the market

February 23

Now is a great time to talk about risk

Best time to talk about risk is when markets are pushing to highs. David talks to BNN anchor Frances Horodelski about tactical trading and world markets.

January 26

The U.S. Is Not the Only Game in Town – BNN Interview

David talks about the earnings on deck, the FOMC decision and the massive breakout in the DAX.

December 04

The Costanza Trade

George Costanza says “Do the opposite.” – Maybe we should listen to him.

December 04

What’s Next for Oil? – BNN

David discusses the oil’s recent fall and what it means for investors and consumers.

October 06

HP Splits in Two – The Movie

David discusses Hewlett Packard’s decision to split the company in two on Canada’s Business News Network.

September 22

BNN Interview – 2 Top Picks

David does an in depth interview with BNN’s Catharine Murray

September 08

BNN Full Interview – Investor Challenges

David does an in depth interview with BNN host Catharine Murray on challenges investors face in today’s markets.

August 22

Fed Speak – What Does it Mean for Stocks

David tries to decipher Janet Yellen’s comments from Jackson Hole

July 08

Wall Street vs Main Street – BNN

David talks to BNN host Catherine Murray about the recent jobs number and the divide between Wall Street and Main Street.