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July 17

Throw a Few Bank CEO’s in Jail – CNBC

David talks with CNBC hosts Brian Sullivan & Sara Eisen on Street Signs. “Throw a few bank ceo’s in jail and I guarantee behavior will chante” “BNP Parabas indictment reads like TREASON”

May 15

Canaries in the Coal Mine – The Movie – CNBC

David talks to CNBC hosts Brian & Amanda about asset managers failing to confirm the recent highs in the market.

March 17

Active vs. Passive Investing & Jeapardy

David argues for active management vs. index investing with Jeapardy winner Aruthur Chu on CNBC’s Street Signs

March 13

Avoid the S&P Big 20!

David talks to CNBC hosts Brian & Mandy about today’s selloff. Then David & Brian duke it out over indexing vs. active management.