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December 04

What’s Next for Oil? – BNN

David discusses the oil’s recent fall and what it means for investors and consumers.

November 18

Right Deal Wrong Price – HAL for BHI Follow-up

Why I sold my Halliburton (HAL) shares.

November 18

Buyback / Payback – BNN Interview

If CEO’s continue to pick the low hanging fruit it will be at the expense of R&D and the buildout of factories, service centers and jobs.

October 06

HP Splits in Two – The Movie

David discusses Hewlett Packard’s decision to split the company in two on Canada’s Business News Network.

September 22

BNN Interview – 2 Top Picks

David does an in depth interview with BNN’s Catharine Murray

September 08

BNN Full Interview – Investor Challenges

David does an in depth interview with BNN host Catharine Murray on challenges investors face in today’s markets.

August 22

BNN – Fed Speak – Full Interview

David does an in depth interview on Canada’s Business News Network. Trying to interpret Fed Speak takes year’s of experience.

August 22

Fed Speak – What Does it Mean for Stocks

David tries to decipher Janet Yellen’s comments from Jackson Hole

April 08

BNN – The Three Stooges Market – From the Nasdaq

David talks about the recent selloff in high momentum stocks on Canada’s Business News Network.

March 23

BNN In-Depth Interview – S&P – China – Trouble in the Biotech Sector

David talks with BNN host Mark Bunting about a range of topics on investors minds. Biotechs, the Fed, Index Investing are all covered during this in-depth interview.