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November 29

CAPEX on the Decline

David weighs in on the latest data showing CAPEX in decline

April 30

The Wall

By David Nelson, CFA Most of the metrics for the current economic outlook have been everything we hoped for. Consumer Confidence, housing and even Friday‚Äôs durable goods orders were strong on the heels of strong aircraft sales. By some measures, CAPEX or capital expenditures are finally making it into the mix. Bloomberg points to early […]

May 01

Climbing the Wall – April 2014 Alpha Select Update

Alpha Select – April 2014 Update *Alpha Select – MTD (-0.11%) YTD +2.80% **S&P 500 – MTD +0.62% YTD +2.53% * Net of Fees ** Includes Dividends By David Nelson After starting off the month with a push to all-time highs markets quickly headed south and by mid-month were down close to 4%. Even confirmed […]