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January 24

Carried Interest – The Swamp wins again

David Rubenstein dodges the question on CNBC. Hopes the uproar over carried interest will go away. David says “income should NOT be treated like investor capital.”

December 20

Carried Interest – The Swamp Wins

Carried Interest is one of those loopholes Wall Street hopes you won’t understand so we’ll just forget about it. Unfortunately it has so much support from both sides of the aisle it may never go away.

November 29

Senate Misses Low Hanging Fruit on Tax Reform

David joins Trish Regan to weigh in on the Senate press conference regarding tax reform legislation.

November 12

Wall Street’s dirty little secret

By David Nelson, CFA Let’s start by stating the obvious. Avoiding taxes is the national pastime. Since the dawn of organized society special interest groups have employed petitioners to lobby for better treatment under the tax code. I’m sure even in the days of Egyptian Pharaohs there was a cottage industry helping some avoid taxes […]

November 08

Closing the Loopholes on Tax Reform

David joins Fox Business news anchor Trish Regan to discuss what it will take to close loopholes in the current GOP Tax initiative. Carried Interest is at the top of the list.