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February 23

Olive oil & the economy

David joins host Michelle Makori to discuss olive oil and the economy. That’s how we started off but eventually got to more important issues like the Fed, tax reform and other issues important to investors.

February 16

The Market Rally – Up Close & Personal

David joins Michelle Makori on the new I24 News set from Times Square to discuss the market rally and why he’s getting worried.

February 03

Trump & the Fed – Is Yellen on the way out?

David shares his take on Trump’s view of the Fed and the odds of Yellen giving up the Chair.

January 16

Transition of Power

David weighs in on several issues including TPP, Cuba, Iran as well as achievements and failures of the outgoing administration.  

December 16

CCTV – Fed Decision Day

David connects with China TV’s Washington DC host Elaine Reyes to discuss the latest Federal Reserver decision.

December 16

Fed Decision Day – From the NYSE

David talks about the Fed announcement on new startup Cheddar.com from the floor of the exchange.

August 25

All Eyes on Jackson Hole – China TV Interview

David weighs in on Fed Chair Janet Yellen’s upcoming speech in Jackson Hole.

July 19

Turkey – Economic Fallout from a Failed Military Coup

David weighs in on the economic fallout of a failed military coup. “The world is watching”

July 14

Post Brexit Rally – Can it Continue? – CCTV

David joins CCTV host Michelle Makori at New York’s NASDAQ to discuss the Global Market Rally post the BREXIT referendum.

December 28

From Cattle to Coffee El Nino Takes a Toll

David shares his views on the damage El Nino is having on commodity producers from Cattle to Coffee worldwide