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November 25

Are Tax Inversions Unpatriotic?

David joins the set of CCTV America live from the Nasdaq to discuss Tax inversions and Pfizer’s takeout of Botox giant Allergan.

November 19

France is at war! – Will Europe turn their back

David has an in depth discussion with CCTV host Phil Yin about the recent attacks in Paris. The changing face of Europe presents additional challenges. In the end it all comes down to money and lots of it.

November 01

Why Angela Merkel is heading to China

David talks to China TV about Angela Merkel’s upcoming trip to China.

July 06

The Euro Will Fail – CCTV

David sits down with CCTV’s Michelle Makori to discuss the crisis in Greece, China’s Market Crash and the fall in oil

October 15

Ebola, ISIS, Oil Prices weigh on Stocks

David talks to CCCTV’s Karina Huber about the latest market selloff. Ebola, falling interest rates and market volatility weigh on investors

October 03

Jobs Report – Looking Behind the Numbers – CCTV

David discusses the Friday’s jobs report with CCTV host Michelle Makori and John Herrmann Director of US Rate Strategies, Mitsubishi UFJ Securities

August 08

Did Putin Blink? – In Depth Interview with CCTV

David does an in depth interview with CCTV’s Michelle Mikori on the Geo Political Events that have driven markets over the last several weeks.

July 30

Fed Speak – From New York to Beijing

In the days and moments leading up to the Fed’s July Statement David talks to Fox Business host Charles Payne and Zheng Junfeng anchor for CCTV News in Beijing China.

July 21

Where Are the Perp Walks? – Man on the Street – CCTV

David does a man on the street interview with CCTV’s Karina Huber on the Banking industry. Short Soundbite.