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August 17

Re-invest or Die! – The BNN Interview

The good news is that buybacks are slowing down. The bad news is that buybacks are slowing down. David says CEOs choose buybacks to prop up their paycheck.

March 12

Why CEOs Make 300 times more than workers – BNN Interview

The BNN Interview everyone is talking about. David Nelson discusses  why the pay gap is widening and what we can do to fix it.

February 24

Why CEOs make over 300 times more than workers

By David Nelson, CFA Income inequality will be a central theme for Democrat and Republican candidates as we head into the election cycle. Both sides of the aisle know what’s at stake and the importance of positioning their policies as a cure for what some call a cancer sweeping the nation. Last week, the President […]

November 11

GE – Time for a Change – Full Interview

David mixes it up with GE Bull Brian Langenberg. Is it time for Jeff Immelt to go?

November 11

GE Rant – Is It Time for Jeff Immelt to Go?

Soundbites from David Nelson’s Rant on GE. David says Jeff has been there almost a decade and a half. More than enough time to get the job done.