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March 23

The Next Catalyst for Stocks – Fox Business

David joins the panel with Fox Business host Charles Payne to talk about the next catalyst to drive stocks.

July 29

The Most Important Word for Fed Watchers – Making Money with Charles Payne

David joins host Charles Payne to talk about his recent article on the Fed and what has become the most important word for Fed watchers.

July 07

David – 4 Stocks – Buy Hold or Sell – Making Money

David talks with host Charles Payne – Buy Hold or Sell Sandridge, Sierra Wireless, Nuance and Nvdia.

December 26

David Nelson – Varney & Co – 2014 Outlook

David Nelson discuses the prospects for stocks like U.S. Steel as well as the U.S. economy with host Charles Payne and Elizabeth McDonald

November 29

Fox Business – Black Friday Hype – China, Japan & U.S. Conflict

David Nelson talks to host Charles Payne and Scottie Nell Hughes about the hype of Black Friday and serious issues developing in the airways over the East China Seas.