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July 25

Mr. Bezos – Please Sir, I’d Like Some More

By David Nelson, CFA Just some quick thoughts from last nights’ Amazon (AMZN) conference call. Amazon (AMZN) may be at a crossroads with investors. No one is questioning the success of the company or Jeff Bezos vision. Unfortunately this vision demands levels of investment that wipes out profits and continues to force investors to look […]

July 01

I Blew it on GoPro – CNBC

David makes his mea culpa on Go Pro. “I missed the real story behind what is driving this stock”

June 26

Wall Street vs Main Street – Al Jazeera America

David talks to Al Jazeera host Stephanie Sy about the disconnect between the Stock Market and Main Street America

May 27

David Nelson – Highlight Reel – Biz Hits

Highlight reel of David’s recent guest appearances on CNBC, Fox, Fox Business, Al Jazeera, The Street.Com and Yahoo. David discusses markets, politics and the economy. When asked David makes the Big Call.

April 26

CNBC – GILD Beats & AMGN Misses – David from the floor of the NYSE

David reacts to GILD and AMGN earnings from the floor of the exchange on CNBC’s Closing Bell

April 12

The Nasdaq Sell-Off – How it Started

David is interviewed by Al Jazeera America host Stephanie Sy about the Nasdaq Selloff and how it started.

April 08

BNN – The Three Stooges Market – From the Nasdaq

David talks about the recent selloff in high momentum stocks on Canada’s Business News Network.

March 17

Russia / China – The Great Wall of Worry

By David Nelson, CFA Markets in the U.S. will likely face their biggest test this year over the next couple of months. There are two dynamics investors will be forced to confront as we head into spring. First of course is the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine with governments and investors trying to decipher Putin’s […]

March 14

Unemployment Benefits and the Long Term Unemployed

David talks about the Senate bill to extend unemployment benefits and long term implications for the economy. Goes on to say that at some point Americans have to realize that job in the industry they love just may not be there anymore.

March 08

Putin is Ex KGB & Chess Master – His Next Move

David tells London host Martine Dennis that Putin is ex KGB and has always wanted to return Russia to Superpower status.