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March 05

Flexcoin is the Latest Bitcoin Bank to Bite the Dust

David talks to the Street.com and host Debra Borchardt about the latest Bitcoin institution to go bust.

March 03

Russian Invasion – 4 Questions Investors Are Asking

By David Nelson, CFA I said earlier this year during a CNBC interview “one of the things that keeps me up at night are the events I can’t quantify. Among those are military conflict and political unrest.” Well, we certainly got that as we headed into the close Friday with reports coming out of the […]

February 27

Bitcoin – Was Mt. Gox a Ponzi Scheme?

David joins the Al Jazeera America team to discuss Bitcoin and the collapse of Mt. Gox

February 26

Is the Market Getting Ahead of Itself? –

David talks to CNBC host Bill Griffeth about froth in names like Facebook (FB), Tesla (TSLA) and others. Battle is raging between buyers and sellers.

February 26

Shareholders – Stand Up And Be Counted

By David Nelson, CFA Once again corporate raider and white knight Carl Icahn has launched an attack on the status quo. His latest battle, which pits him against board members and  the management of eBay, shines a spotlight on a part of corporate America few get to see from the inside. Perhaps Gordon Gekko said […]

February 24

Facebook (FB) – Party Like It’s 1999

David talks about Facebook’s (FB) $19 Billion acquisition of WhatsApp with Fox Business host Gerri Willis on The Willis Report

February 21

At 1300 Priceline is Cheaper than Groupon – David’s Interview on the Street

At over 1300 David tells the Street.com’s Debra Borchardt that Priceline (PCLN) is cheaper than the Groupon (GRPN) at 8.

February 19

The Weather Put – How Snow & Ice Heats up the Market

David joins the CNBC team from the floor of the NYSE and says the recent severe storms have actually helped the market.

February 09

Are Regulators Doing their Job? – Toyota $1Billion Settlement

David discusses the $1 Billion Toyota is paying to settle the case regarding “unintended acceleration.”  Are regulators doing their job?

January 28

Apple (AAPL) – Show Me the Money