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August 15


Quick hit from earlier today to discuss retail and North Korea.  

March 09

China Surprise

David joins i24 News Editor in Chief to discuss the latest surprise out of mainland China along with some key issues driving markets.

November 28

Recount – It ain’t over till it’s over

By David Nelson, CFA It’ ain’t over till it’s over – Yogi Berra We ended the Holiday week pushing U.S. equity benchmarks to another round of record highs and maybe a bit too comfortable with the concept  that stocks are setting up for the next leg of the bull market. Late Friday, Green Party candidate […]

January 20

Market Sell-Off Intensifies

David talks about the biggest concerns driving markets lower in 2016

January 08

What’s wrong with China?

David asks the question every CEO is thinking. Fortune 500 companies everywhere are counting on China as the next engine of growth. What if it isn’t?

November 01

Why Angela Merkel is heading to China

David talks to China TV about Angela Merkel’s upcoming trip to China.

August 26

Market Rally – Is it Real?

David sits with Fox Business host Liz Macdonald to discuss the Dow’s 600+ point move.

August 25

Fox Business “Stuart, take a breath…”

David sits down with Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney to discuss the snap back rally in the market.

August 25

CBS – “The most frightening market open I’ve seen in my career…”

David does CBS show Up to the Minute to discuss the wild swings in the market. “That was one of the more frightening opens I’ve seen in my career.”

August 24

Special Report – Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders turn market crisis into political opportunity

Bernie Sanders & Donald Trump both claim to have a solution for the growing China threat. As every candidate turns the current market crisis into a political opportunity, David Nelson weighs in on a Special Report for Al Jazeera America.