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March 11

FBNAM – Steel Tariffs

March 11

Did China Blink on U.S. Tariffs?

March 11

Rex Tillerson Goes to Africa

David joins China TV Elaine Chou in a hook up to Washington DC to discuss Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s trip to Africa

March 04

Trade War – What if your opponent doesn’t blink?

By David Nelson, CFA Two torpedoes slammed into the side of the U.S.S. Market last week. The first was launched by Fed Chair Powell during his inaugural testimony in front of the House Financial Services committee. Traders were quick to translate his remarks into a more aggressive Fed likely to push through 4 rate hikes […]

February 19

SEC Blocks Chinese Takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange

David joins the i24 New Rundown to discuss recent action by the SEC to block Chinese takeover of the Chicago Stock Exchange.

January 16

2018 Bull Market – This goes way beyond tax reform!

By David Nelson, CFA Just 9 trading days into the year 2018 is one of the best starts I’ve seen in my career. I’m sure everyone is getting out their Trader’s Almanac but for now let’s just agree it’s been good. Of course, the next question is how long will the good times roll? 2017 was obviously […]

January 11

Rumors China Ready to Halt U.S. Debt Purchases

David joins i24 News host Michele Makori to discuss unnamed sources saying Chinese officials considering a halt of U.S. debt purchases.

January 01

The Biggest Risk for 2018 – China!

By David Nelson, CFA Coming into 2017 I doubt many including yours truly thought the Dow would end the year close to 25,000. The good news wasn’t restricted to just the America’s as most of the developed world delivered strong returns as well. Even emerging markets after a near decade long slump knocked it out […]

December 28

Risks for 2018 – China is #1

David sits down with FBN news anchor Charles Payne and columnist Liz Peek to discuss 2018 outlook and potential risks.

December 17

President Xi – a carrot instead of a stick dealing with South Korea

David joins Washington anchor Rachelle Akuffo to discuss South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s visit with China’s President Xi. David says trade is an important foreign policy tool and the hope of the meeting is to re-establish trade relations as well as explore a diplomatic solution to North Korea’s nuclear threat.