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March 29

LYFT – Capitalism at its worst

David  weighs in on the lack of corporate governance

October 22

The Arrogance of GE

David says the nearly 2 decades of poor performance by General Electric’s management along with a CEO Jeff Immelt who wasted shareholder funds on his ego is a disgrace but unfortunately not a new story in corporate America.

February 26

Shareholders – Stand Up And Be Counted

By David Nelson, CFA Once again corporate raider and white knight Carl Icahn has launched an attack on the status quo. His latest battle, which pits him against board members and  the management of eBay, shines a spotlight on a part of corporate America few get to see from the inside. Perhaps Gordon Gekko said […]

December 27

You’re Fired!

By David Nelson, CFA You’re fired! Whether it’s Donald Trump on The Apprentice, or your boss asking for your security pass, getting fired is an emotional event. Fear, failure and yes even panic are the first emotions we deal with. It often means tapping into savings and a step down in your lifestyle while you scramble […]