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November 02

Red October

In the long run stocks care about cash flow, earnings, dividends and revenue in that order.

October 02

President tests Positive for Covid – Market Reaction

David joins Bloomberg anchor Jon Ehrlichman to discuss the President’s diagnosis and the market reaction.

September 28

Bizarro World

Bad is good, up is down and the world is square. Lower earnings = higher stock prices, deficits better than surpluses and long term debt drives prosperity. $SPY $TLT

August 06

Apples and Elephants

David joins the Yahoo Finance news team to discuss Apple’s run up to $2Trillion Market Cap

July 22

Markets react to the latest on COVID vaccine

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne

July 20

Red Zone

By David Nelson, CFA CMT With the exception of China most global markets put in a strong week and now the S&P 500 finds itself right up against resistance and a chance to break into the RED ZONE. With the goal line just 5% higher a little good news on the virus or earnings could […]

June 25

Is the recovery at risk – The Movie

David joins Yahoo Finance anchors Julie Hyman and Adam Shapiro to discuss the latest market concerns as COVID-19 cases once again start to rise.

June 22

Is the recovery at risk?

By David Nelson, CFA CMT The market rally¬†on the heels of a viral pandemic that brought the world to its knees has baffled some of the brightest financial minds on the planet. It’s true this is a liquidity driven recovery with fiscal and monetary policy pouring $Trillions into the both the economy and markets. However, […]

June 17

Has the market come too far?

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne along with Alicia Levine and Dani Hughes

June 15

Unchartered Waters – The Movie

David weighs in on markets and the economy.