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June 07

Act of War!

David joins the Yahoo Finance News Desk to weigh in on Cyber Security

June 07

State of the Market

By David Nelson, CFA CMT All in Friday’s payroll numbers we’re just what was needed to offset the rising fear that the Fed was falling behind the curve. 559K was a little light and at that pace would take about 16 months for the 8 million still unemployed to return to work getting us back to […]

May 17

Cracks in the Facade

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Last week may have ended on a high note but visible cracks in the market fa├žade weighed on investor sentiment. Inflation expectations took center stage as both headline CPI and PPI releases came in well above expectations prompting a modest flight from risk assets. Stocks recovered on both Thursday and […]

May 11

CYBER – The DarkSide

DarkSide a super secret organization tries to paint themselves as some kind of digital age Robinhood. David weighs in. Click Here for video

May 10


By David Nelson, CFA CMT On the heels of another cyber-attack this weekend, Cyber Monday takes on a whole new meaning. Colonial Pipeline Company with a 5500-mile network of infrastructure extending from Linden, NJ to Houston was hit by a ransomware attack. With 45% of gasoline and diesel for the east coast transported by Colonial […]