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September 26

The train has left the station

Today’s #FED decision and the my take on the new $XLC etf

September 24

The trend is your friend until it punches you in the mouth

New ETFs like $XLC is big money to providers as investors scramble to jump on board a train that left the station a long time ago.

September 24

Friday Night Soundbites

David bounces from network to network to weigh in on Washington & Wall Street

September 13

Morning’s with Maria interview – Trade and Tech Threat

David joins Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo to discuss the latest on trade and technology

September 10

Assets vs Liabilities

By David Nelson, CFA Assets vs Liabilities – On one side of the market balance sheet we have a wave of strong economic data confirming earnings year to date. It’s not only the bottom line showing strength but top line performance is robust, a dynamic we haven’t seen for some time. Remember, there’s a lot […]

September 09

Jobs – Wage Growth is Finally Here

With wage growth hitting 2.9% year on year some are asking if this will force the Fed’s hand.

September 06

Washington vs Tech

“Some of these companies are almost a nation unto themselves with massive war chests to lobby on their behalf…

September 06

NY Times Op-Ed & Emerging Markets try to derail the market

An anonymous op-ed from the New York Times hit at the same time emerging markets faced increased pressure from falling currencies. At least for a day markets yawned.

September 03

Emerging Markets and the Black Swan

By David Nelson, CFA With good reason to celebrate investors headed to the beaches Friday on the heels of another strong month for U.S. markets. The lack of any meaningful reaction following a missed deadline for NAFTA and a full court press from the administration threatening additional tariffs on $200 Billion in Chinese imports shows investors […]

September 02

Consumer Confidence hits an 18-year high

It’s not just GDP hitting 4.2% or the fact that Consumer Confidence just hit an 18-year high…