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November 19

Sell the Vaccine News?

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne, Bank of New York Chief Strategist Alicia Levine and Prudential Chief Market Strategist Quincy Crosby.

November 16

The Rule of 72

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Wall Street┬áloves┬ácomplex theories of why an asset class will outperform or head south. We tear apart income statements, balance sheets and parse every word from the FOMC. We run thousands of back tests on multi-factor quantitative models diving through virtually every data point that relates to a company, commodity, fixed […]

November 12

Rational Exuberance – The Movie

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to weigh in on the Great Rotation

November 12

The Great Rotation

November 10

Rational Exuberance

Rational Exuberance – Coming into the week the spread between $QQQ and $RSP was 40% – Reversion to the mean is a powerful force

November 02

Red October

In the long run stocks care about cash flow, earnings, dividends and revenue in that order.

October 26

Biggest risk for the market – It’s not what you think

The truth rarely lives on the extremes. Unless we’re about to unwind hundreds of years of economic data and history, long term equity returns are driven by earnings, cash flow, dividends and revenue in that order

October 25

Alphabet vs DOJ

October 25

What can they do? – Elon Musk

October 18

No Stimulus or Contested Election – Which do investors fear more?

David weighs in on the markets, the economy and what to expect as we approach the election