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March 14

Jimi Hendrix & Bipolar Markets

By David Nelson, CFA Strategists and talking heads are always looking for a phrase to describe market events in a way that you the reader will click on the story and risk your very valuable time. For many of you, Jimi Hendrix was just some rocker your parents used to talk about when you were […]

January 26

The U.S. Is Not the Only Game in Town – BNN Interview

David talks about the earnings on deck, the FOMC decision and the massive breakout in the DAX.

January 26

Monster Breakout in the German DAX – How to Play It

By David Nelson, CFA This chart of the German Dax took on a life of its own when I posted it on Twitter last night. After many retweets and favorites I knew I had to share it with the Yahoo audience. As always Sunday is a big research day giving me a chance to reflect […]