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June 16

Iraq Crisis – The Tipping Point – Interview The Street.com

David talks to The Street.com anchor Debra Borchardt about the crisis unfolding in Iraq and what it means for world energy markets.

June 09

Carl Icahn Makes a Move on Family Dollar Stores – The Street.com

David Speaks with Street.com anchor Debra Borchardt about Carl Icahn’s move to shake up the board at Family Dollar Stores (FDO)  

June 04

Is Coal Dead? – The Street.com Interview

David talks with the Street’s Debra Borchardt about the coal industry in the light of the EPA’s latest proposals.  

May 19

AT&T / Direct TV Deal – The Movie

David talks with TheStreet.com host Debra Borchardt and shares his views on AT&T’s decision to take out Direct TV.

May 12

Geithner’s Stress Test – The Movie

David talks to The Street.com’s Debra Borchardt about former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s new book “Stress Test” and his own reflections of the Financial Crisis.

March 26

Facebook’s Spending Spree on Oculus VR & WhatsApp Finds Reality Bites

Click on Picture to Play Video I talk with the Street’s Debra Borchardt about Facebook’s latest acquisition. Mark Zuckerberg is telling you his stock is too expensive.

March 24

The Great Wall of China Debt Due in April

Click on Picture to Play Video My interview with host Debra Borchardt for TheStreet.com

February 21

At 1300 Priceline is Cheaper than Groupon – David’s Interview on the Street

At over 1300 David tells the Street.com’s Debra Borchardt that Priceline (PCLN) is cheaper than the Groupon (GRPN) at 8.

January 28

Apple (AAPL) – Show Me the Money

January 28

What if the Fed Stops the Taper? – David on the Street