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September 08

Surprise move from White House gets debt ceiling deal

David weighs in on the President’s decision to cut a deal with the Democrats.  

September 08

Goldman CEO sees something he doesn’t like in the market

David joins Fox Business team including Cheryl Cassone and Lauren Simonetti to discuss Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein’s comments on the market as well as discuss the President’s surprise move to end the debt ceiling debate.  

September 02

You Don’t Screw Around with the Good Faith and Credit of the United States

David warns the market reaction to failing to raise the debt ceiling would be violent and potentially as catastrophic as the failure of Lehman Brothers.  

August 27

Good Faith and Credit of the United States

David weighs in on a range of issues from Ryan’s comments on tax reform to the Debt Ceiling. “You don’t screw around with the good faith and credit of the United States.”

August 28

Fox Business: David Nelson Aug 27, 2013