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March 27

Best offense is a good DEFENSE!

Last time I looked every corner of the planet was geopolitical hotspot.

July 02

2nd Half Playbook 2020

David joins CNBC anchor Brian Sullivan to weigh in on the upcoming jobs report.  

January 05

Best defense is a good offense – New Year’s Eve

Sometime’s you get lucky. David’s pick to kick off 2020 on Fox Business New Year’s Eve

June 12

Strong Defense Got Us to the Table and Strong Defense Will Keep the Peace

David joins columnist Jake Novak and i24 News anchor Michelle Makori to discuss the latest news from Singapore regarding the historic meeting of a sitting U.S. President with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un

May 17

The Elephant in the Room – The Movie

Covered a lot of ground this morning from BNN anchor Jon Ehrlichaman. Markets, trade, valuation and where I’ve placed my bets. Click Here for video

January 03

2015 Look Back and Best Bet for 2016

David sits down with Fox News host Patty Ann Browne to discuss 2015 and the road ahead. If “The Graduate” was being made today Mr. McGuire would be whispering Defense not Plastics.

November 05

Mid-Term Election Market Reaction – Fox Business

David discusses the post mid-term market reaction with Fox Business host Stuart Varney