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September 07

Job Market Tests Positive

By David Nelson, CFA CMT Friday’s jobs numbers were disappointing on a lot of levels. It confirmed Delta has started to slow economic activity. Industries on the front lines including airlines, travel and hotels have been first to feel the pain. Leisure and hospitality added nothing and even education came in below expectations. It really […]

August 12

Delta Headwind

David goes one on one with Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss the latest on Delta and what it means for your stocks.

August 12

State of the Markets

Click Here for David’s latest comments on the Fed, Delta and his favorites stocks.

January 27

Emerging Markets Trigger Selloff – What You Should Do Right Now

By David Nelson, CFA Last week the Bulls fumbled the ball and Bears seized the opportunity to put some points on the board. It’s too early for end zone dances but I see a lot of high fives on their side of the field, while the rest of us brush off the dirt and get […]

November 28

CNBC – The Elaine Gazzarelli Moment?

David joins CNBC’s Bill Griffith to discuss Stock Market bubbles and more. David says everyone is looking for their Elaine Gazzarelli moment.