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November 04

Good News Bad News

No shortage of bricks in the wall.

January 16

2018 Bull Market – This goes way beyond tax reform!

By David Nelson, CFA Just 9 trading days into the year 2018 is one of the best starts I’ve seen in my career. I’m sure everyone is getting out their Trader’s Almanac but for now let’s just agree it’s been good. Of course, the next question is how long will the good times roll? 2017 was obviously […]

December 27

Tax Overhaul – What if it works?

The political fallout continues to mount as both the GOP and Democrats position themselves for the mid-terms. Rosie O’Donnell shares her views on the Tax Overhaul.

December 17

Tax bill details released

David says despite its flaws if it passes we’ll finally have a tax code that doesn’t encourage companies to leave the United States

November 10

DEMS Sweep election night – What does it mean for markets?

David joins the Yahoo Finance News team Alexis Christophorous and Rick Newman to discuss the election night sweep by the Democrats and what’s in store for 2018.

September 14

There’s more to Tax Reform than Cutting Taxes

David sits down with i24 News anchor Michelle Makori to express his views on the broad strokes of tax reform.  

September 08

Surprise move from White House gets debt ceiling deal

David weighs in on the President’s decision to cut a deal with the Democrats.  

November 25

Are Tax Inversions Unpatriotic?

David joins the set of CCTV America live from the Nasdaq to discuss Tax inversions and Pfizer’s takeout of Botox giant Allergan.