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April 18

Disney Shakeup!

Click on picture for video Disney looks to shake up the C suite shifting the focus to cost cutters that could succeed Bob Iger.

July 10

Even the Mouse Will Cut the Cord – Disney

David discusses the importance of Disney’s ESPN changing it’s current business model. Streaming is the future as an increasing number of consumers cut the cord.

June 27

Top Media Picks for 2014 – CNBC

David shares his top media picks for 2014 with CNBC hosts Bill Griffeth and Kelly Evans.

March 03

S&P 500 – “Back in Black”

By David Nelson, CFA After markets ended January in the red, February put on one of the best performances since early last year. The 4% move in the S&P is even more impressive when you consider right out of the gate we took a 300 point plunge in the Dow on the heels of weak […]

January 15

Alpha Select Portfolio Mid-Month Update

By David Nelson, CFA Markets have had a rocky start to 2014 but I haven’t been shaken from my bullish perch. Monday’s fall was on the heels of a Goldman (GS) report labeling the market as overvalued and yesterday’s bounce was off of an in-line quarter from JP Morgan (JPM). Helping push the index higher […]

January 02

2014 – Why the Ride Isn’t Over!

By David Nelson, CFA Gordon Gekko – “This is your wakeup call pal. Go to work.” It’s 6:30 am Wednesday, January 1st 2014 and I can’t get my mind off Gekko’s call to Bud Fox in the movie “Wall Street.” Obviously, I didn’t make it to Times Square last night, so I decided to start […]