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January 02

2017 – What’s past is prologue

By David Nelson, CFA “What’s past is prologue.” – The Tempest (Act 2 Scene 1) William Shakespeare Before we look into my crystal ball for some insight into 2017 let’s take a walk down memory lane and review a few of the events that shaped the year. Right out of the gate trading halts in […]

June 09

The Election – What the Media Never Understood

David weighs in on the state of the US Election and what it means for the economy

May 23

S&P 500 won’t break out until earnings do – 3 things that could make it happen

By David Nelson, CFA US markets have frustrated both bulls & bears over the last year with the index unable to break out and sustain a path in either direction. However, the chart below confirms the problem started somewhat sooner, half way through 2014. The blended 12 month forward earnings of the S&P 500 (SPY) […]

April 20

Trump Hints Yellen Would Be Out as Fed Chair

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss Donald Trump’s latest threat that Janet Yellen’s days are numbered at the Fed

April 04

Calling Out Donald Trump on his Prediction

David joins Charles Payne to discuss Donald Trump’s recent predictions that the U.S. would enter a massive recession and that he could eliminate the budget deficit within 8 years.

March 27

6 things I’m watching this week: Pakistan, Oil, Yellen, Trump, Profits & Jobs

By David Nelson, CFA When I started this article I had 5 key observations to make as we start the trading week post the Easter holidays. Now of course we have a 6th following a deadly attack in Pakistan where the suicide bomber’s target seems to have been innocent women and children. As of this […]

March 07

Trump Using Chines Money to Build NJ Project

Joined Yahoo’s Mid Day Movers with host Alexis Christophorous to discuss Donald Trump’s use of the EB5 program to finance a Trump Towers project in NJ. If it’s a government program you can bet there’s a loophole and a way to exploit it.

March 03

Super Tuesday in 1 Minute

David weighs in on Super Tuesday and what’s driving the rhetoric on both sides of the aisle

March 03

Super Tuesday

David weighs in on Super Tuesday and why the economy is playing a big role in the election

February 02

Heads I Win Tails You Lose

David joins Fox Business anchor Charles Payne to discuss what turned out to be a very good night for Senator Bernie Sanders. We’re well into the election season. Almost anything can happen