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January 29

As good as it gets?

By David Nelson, CFA No other way to put it. A monster week for stocks and as the media points out, the best start for the market since 1987. Before we all take a stress pill it’s important to note that despite the crash, 1987 was an up year. 9 trading days into the month […]

January 25

The Global Elite meet in Davos – What could go wrong?

David sits down with i24 News anchor Michelle Makori to weigh in on Davos, comments from Mnuchin, Dimon and Macron.

October 24

The U.S. Dollar – Public Enemy #1

By David Nelson, CFA A myriad of factors seem to be colliding forcing some of the world’s top strategists to the sidelines. The approaching election, a confused Fed and stretched valuations weigh on sentiment as the markets here continue to churn forcing investors to bounce from one sector to the next searching for the Holy […]

October 07

Stock Market on Edge


October 02

Line in the Sand for the S&P 500

By David Nelson, CFA Obviously yesterday was an uncomfortable one for the bulls. Whenever we get sell offs like this we all become chart gazers looking for levels of support. Where can we draw that line in the sand? For more than a year the 120 day has been a pretty good place to start. […]

October 01

2 Trends Investors Can’t Ignore – Alpha Select Update

By David Nelson, CFA Alpha Select – September 2014 Update *Alpha Select – September (-1.50%)  YTD +10.93% **S&P 500 – September (-1.55%) YTD +8.1% * Net of Fees ** Includes Dividends September frustrated both Bulls and Bears as momentum in either direction was short lived. It’s clear a stealth correction has been taking place most […]