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December 11

2018 Stock Market Predictions

By David Nelson, CFA Sentiment coming into 2017 was mixed, mostly divided around political affiliation. Those in support of change pointed to aggressive growth expectations on the heels of tax reform and deregulation. On the other side, economists like Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman believed expecting anything approaching 3-3.5% GDP was little more than economic arrogance. […]

December 07

How safe is Bitcoin?

David joins Fox Business News anchor Lauren Simonetti to discuss the rocket like ascent of Bitcoin. While on set it crossed 15,000 and within a few hours 18,000.

December 05

Next leg of the bull market isn’t going to come from stock buybacks

David says the next leg of the bull market isn’t going to come from stock buybacks. Frank discussion with Fox Business News anchor Trish Regan. L3 Communications CEO let’s the cat out of the bag…

November 20

Investing is about making choices – The only bad decision is not making one

David Nelson, CFA With just 28 trading days left for 2017, investors have a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. Large caps were the standout performer year to date but Mid-Cap and even Small-Caps held their own despite a slow start and a summer scare. Thanksgiving launches what is usually a seasonally strong […]

November 10

What’s next for the markets after Trump’s 1st year

The administration needs an lesgislative win if they want lasting reform.

November 10

The Trump Trade 1 Year Later

“Larry Summers, Paul Krugman and Mark Cuban were 180 degrees wrong”

November 03

Washington to Wall Street – Tax Reform & the New Fed Chair

In depth interview with I24 News anchor Michelle Makori. David weighs in on a number of issues from Washington to Wall Street.

November 03

Tax Reform & the Economy

David joins Fox Business News anchor Lauren Simonetti to discuss the House version of what David calls a Monster Tax Reform Package.

November 01

3 Challenges for Investors

David Nelson, CFA The market put in a strong month on the heels of a good earnings season along with strong economic data supporting the recent move. Investors have 3 hurdles to cross between now and year’s end. Justice Department – Just how far does the indictment of Paul Manafort and the guilty plea of […]

October 30

Market reacts to the indictment of Paul Manafort

David joins the BNN news team to weigh in on the indictment of Paul Manafort as well as commentary surrounding the odds on tax reform and Apples upcoming earnings report.